Monday, July 25, 2011

..a useless rant from a single guy..

Hey guys, I'm back in Malaysia. Lots of things has happened for these past month. I didn't even notice it has been a month before I wrote this sentence down. The highlights of my holiday? I did lots of stuffs. Went to Ipoh, to Peter's durian dusun, but didnt really ate durian, it was on my most hated stuffs list hehe. Pangkor island was nice, got a tan I think, went snorkeling , the sea breeze was very nice for my lungs and my mind.

My good buddy Syamil asked me to be his best mate for his wedding, but unfortunately they delayed the date to a week later, and I couldnt make it. It was frustrating, but I understand, the date was too near raya, and most of the people are still at their kampung, so yeah. I wish you guys all the best anyway Syamil and Dayah :D

On different matters, I had mixed emotions too. Met Didie at her workplace in KLCC, had a nice lunch and talk. She asked me whether I'm interested in one of her colleagues, it was very nice of her, but I dont think I'm in for anything right now :) Most of the time these days I spent being a chaffeur for my sister sending her to Hospital Serdang for practicals, doing the house chores, feeding the cats, and gardening. Not forgetting all the slacking around with my good buddy Johan.

Not forgetting playing futsal with my friends Ukasyah and Ijaicool. Really high quality futsal, but I cant really stand the heat and intensity. So far, my holiday has been unexceptional. Oh except that one trip to watch Liverpool versus Malaysia. That was a chance of a lifetime. Well, I'm still enjoying my holiday, so cheers xD