Monday, September 27, 2010

..all you can eat..


Shaurma v tarelke.



Papa John's veggie pizza.

Eating at More Sushi (Sushi Ocean).

McD's Shrimp Burger, Fresh Italiano s krevetkami.


Kentang bakar, Kroshka Kartoshka.

Some random french fries.

McD's Fillet o Fish.

Burger King's Fish King.

Shaurma v lavashe.

See how lame the food is in Russia? I'm so thankful that I am a Malaysian, and Malaysian cuisine are the best in the world. Contrary to my looks, I can cook some decent meal. Its just that I just like to keep it to myself. But later on that.

Saturday, September 25, 2010 and cold..

Started a new cycle this week, Gynecology. It was interesting, the lecturers were young and nice, so far apart from my lecturers during my last cycle, Infectious Diseases/Epidemiology. So, everyday we had the chance to see how they perform hysterectoscopy, which I tell you, isn't really pleasant. Anyway, one of my lecturer has an iPhone 4, which is kinda cool.

Russian President and Apple CEO looking kinda douche.

The weather has been ever changing here in Moscow. Take one situation. So you're late for class. Damn it I have to get ready real fast! So you bath the obligatory 5-10 minutes. And then it hits you. What the fuck am I going to wear today? Jeans or khakis, t-shirt, normal sneakers, but which jacket? Ahaa, its 9'C I see on my weather forecast, for sure its gonna be cold here in freaking Moscow. So I took my heavy and thick jacket, plus a scarf just for measure.

5 minutes later in the Metro...its hot!!!! Why, don't they have any air ventilation here in the train? I was like sweating, and the Russians don't even flinch. What are their skin made of? I guess maybe my metabolic rate is higher than most people, which is why I am skinny? Not really absurd.

Lots of open houses this weekend in my hostel. I'm really looking forward to it. Hey, don't we have any football training this weekend? But my ankle kinda hurts still..The initial pain is gone, but whenever I land heavily on my left ankle, it sucks. Hanhebat says the lunch set in Pizza Hut near Metro Tretyakovskaya is superb. Gotta check that out.

Damn hungry weyy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

..dream cars. more like, affordable cars..

I'm a realist. I wont huff and puff unless I know that I am going to get some. I rarely set my aim high, or dream of getting cool stuffs. Because I know it is out of my league. But anyway, to each, his own, right? Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you should set your aim higher, and not just settle for puny menial stuffs.

As much as I like cars like Lotus, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Bentley, Maybach or so on, I know that my chance of getting one is but a slim chance. I might as well get myself a house in some urban areas around KL for the price of one of those cars. But here are some cool, affordable, stylish and hip cars for the young adults like us. All these cars are now available in Malaysia, and they all fall around the RM 100,000 or below category. Check it out.

Chevrolet Cruze.

Toyota Corolla Altis.

Kia Forte.

Honda City.

Mazda 2.

All are using 1.5 or 1.6L engines, meaning, with RM70 or so, you'll have a full tank. And as you guys have already noticed, all are saloon cars, more like family cars, but they have a bit of an edge in the styling department. Unfortunately, due to high taxes on imported and foreign brand cars, we don't really have much choice in getting the best in what we want. For me personally, I would very much own an Audi, but I guess I have to wait for that until I am more stable financially, or maybe when I'm into my 40's.

So, which car do you guys like? Hey, you gotta be realistic too ok.

Oh and another thing, I care very much about the car safety and airbags and all those stuffs. I experienced it. So I know about it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

..a tiring week..

This week I had Epidemiology classes. Its boring, and it doesn't help that I had a boring lecturer. Everyday I have to wake up at 6.30 or 6.45 in the morning, get ready, and be at the hospital by 9.00am. It is damn far. Every morning there will be the occasional lecture for 2 hours straight without a break. Then we have a one hour break, before class starts at 12.00pm, until 3.00pm. Without a break! Come on. Give me a damn break. The first few classes were ok, but then, I couldn't resist to close my eyes whenever the lecturer teaches us. Isn't there anything you can do make this less boring? Like a slide-show? Video? Interactive games?Anything? She would just talk for 3 hours straight.

For the first time in my life, I started to think, that humans can get tired by just listening to someone talking. How is that even remotely possible?? Its already autumn, the temperature is around 15-12'C. Sometimes it rains. But most times its just the cold weather. Yesterday, I woke up around 7.30am or something. Why? Because I got used to waking up so early in the morning.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

..happy birthday..

Firstly I should say, selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir batin, to all those who know me. Nothing much I can say, except that I spend my first day of raya in the hospital. An infectious disease's hospital rather. And its pretty damn far too. Here, I took the liberty to MS Paint the Moscow Metro map.

Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes of public transport journey.

The class itself was quite ok, nothing stressful. Yet. I expect much from next week. And it gives me the chills. And you know what else gives me the chills? That I'm just 1 and a half year from graduating. Am I ready enough? Do I have enough experience? Do I have what it takes? Sure, we learn 6 years of medicine here, but its different in the real world. And reality is cruel. Its a bit of dilemma, you know. In one part, you want to finish your studies as fast as possible. In another part, you are really gonna miss being a student, and doing all crazy things and shit.

For now, my main motivation, is for my family, and myself. My dad sacrificed a lot for us, so does my mum. And I am just doing whatever I can. So what about my raya in 2010? Boring as hell. This was my last raya in Moscow. Next year I'll be celebrating raya in Malaysia during the holidays, insyaAllah. Being in Moscow is killing me. It sucks all my emotions and feelings out. So, I tend to release all my tensions, and do all those crazy stuffs with my friends during my holidays in Malaysia. And boy it feels so good.

And not forgetting, happy birthday to my mum, Saadah Haji Jaffar, the best mum ever! Whenever I ask about pocket money, she can never say no, hehe. So well yeah, I'm mummy's boy.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

...are you that busy?..

My sister went first.

Don't you hate it when people never reply your text messages? Or any kind of messages. Especially if he or she is someone close to you. I fucking hate it. Yeah, you better have a nice set of excuses to make little girl.

The journey back to Moscow was lame, almost uneventful. The plane from KL to Dubai was ok, but the seats, leaves much to think with. It is so damn crammed. I was flanked by 2 girls, one, a Nigerian who was on her way to study in Toronto, Canada. Another was a budding medic student, accompanied by her mother on their way to Birmingham, England. Strangely enough, I was drawn into a conversation by them first. Because you know, I have really really bad social skills. The Nigerian just asked me random questions, maybe because she was bored or anything. Interestingly, she put on a winter coat complete with fluffy animal fur on her body. I guess it was cold in the flight. On the other hand, I had a good talk with Dashini, who said that it was going to be her first time away from home, much so, in England, which was why she brought her mum for the trip.

Didn't sleep very well in the flight, my neck aches and I think I smell a bit. Good thing I've cut my hair short, so at least I will look good. I was so tired that I slept alone with my hand carry luggage and laptop at the Dubai Airport, plus I was hungry. The trip from Dubai to Moscow was better. I had ample space for my legs, as my seat was near the exit door. Then a stewardess asked me if I was from Indonesia (they always ask if I'm from Indonesia, because of the facial structure and skin complexion). I said no, I'm from Malaysia. Then she said wow, I just came from KL, such a nice place, good food, ate lots of stuff. I also asked her how her stay in KL was, if it was ok or not. Pretty cheerful stewardess I must say. Then I asked where she was from, because she looked distinctively Chinese or Vietnamese, then she said that she was from Bangkok, which explains a lot. I borrowed a pen from her, as I need one to fill in my Immigration form. I forgot to return the pen though. Well I just assume that its a little present from her. =)

Hungry..what to cook for tonight? Maybe a pack of Brahim's again.

..i lost a part of you..

Somehow, somewhere, somewhat, all the messages in my phone has been wiped out. What the fuck?? All the conversations and shit, all gone. I think some magnetic field or thingy has caused my phone to wipe out all the messages. Damn it. But somehow all the numbers, photos and other stuffs are still there. Did someone mess with my phone? Come on man..

Anyway, I'm back in Moscow, its 10'C and there's still about 5 hours before Maghrib. Not much to do in a Saturday, the offices are closed.

Seriously, I feel very fucked up right now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

...yadaaaaa!!! don't want to go!!...

Its the time of the year again. Going back to Moscow. God I hate it. I really hate it. Plus I only spent about a month of my holiday at home this year. This sucks. But life must go on. I hate all the packing. I hate all the goodbyes. I hate all the things that I wasn't able to finish during my short stay. But I'm glad that I spoke up and gave everything that I got. Its been fun with you guys, Johan, Syamil, Haikal, Zahid, Didie, Azzam, and you..

Shit everyone is boarding now..have to go..