Friday, September 7, 2012


 RNRMU convocation at PICC, Putrajaya. A simple, yet perfect occasion.

 My mum's house in Tangkak, Muar, Johor. Just a few days before raya. It was gotong royong time. Mum's siblings from KL came home to do some cleaning.

 Ribena. Instant energy for me.

Quite modest baju raya for this year. Simple does it for me :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

..Heart Shaped Box..

Why does women want to marry, or push a guy so much to marry her as fast as possible? Here are some of my thoughts :

1. Been in a relationship for too long. Logically, marrying is the finish line.

2. Peer pressure. Seeing friends marrying their sweethearts one by one is heart wrenching.

3. Tired of being in so many failed relationships. Just want to get it done with.

4. The age factor. Family and friends are starting to ask questions.

5. Too tired with the single life, and want to have someone to share their problems with.

6. Afraid that with age, comes multiple complications when trying to conceive children.

7. Doesnt trust the boyfriend can be loyal to her at his workplace.

8. Doesnt trust herself can stay loyal come a better person in her life.

9. Boyfriend with a lackadaisical attitude and just waiting for her to make decisions.

For me marriage is a big thing. And as much as I am just a nobody now, I do sometimes think of marriage. But as a guy, the responsibilities are so big these days. The expectations of in-laws. The worrying that my parents are taking it hard to accept her as a daughter. What am I going to feed her. Am I pious enough to guide her in her life as an imam. Can we make this marriage last and prosper. Will she continue to love me or will I continue to love her.

There is just, so many things.

I just want to work first, and then be more confident in things.

What I can do now, is just to make her happy as she wants, give her everything I got (not money la), and be there when she needs me. She may not be the one for me, as I may not be for her, but for now, we are what we have for each other. It takes time. But now that I'm here, I'm going to do all I can.


For the first time in my life, there's a traffic jam just near my house towards Petronas and Mutiara Bangi. What the hell happened to my good old peaceful Bangi hometown? To be fair, this was during Ramadhan, so everyone was either rushing to go back home from work or going to the bazar ramadhan. Talking about bazar ramadhan the things that pisses me off are mostly the price and the spoiled kuih I got. WTF. Why sell the kuih if you can test or smell it yourself that they're already spoiled? Do you want everyone to get sick or sue you? Seriously, they need to step up. I somehow feel that the bazar standard has gone down over the years.

 Good thing Shazli lives in Ampang, so thats not so far away from my home. So we kinda can lepak-lepak together lah. But he's going on a eurotrip with his sisters for a month in 3 days time, so I'm gonna be forever alone for awhile, with no one to bromance with, hehe.

This is the One Utama surau, the other one which lies on the Ground floor I think? Of the building this big and glorious, to built just this modest and small surau kind of breaks my heart. But hey, its clean, and we have a place to pray, so lets just not take this for granted. Usually I use this surau when I come here after office hours, so theres almost no one there and its kinda scary, because this surau lies just beside the One Utama parking lot, and there has been many a few cases of crime at the One Utama parking lot. So people, always be careful.

 Its been awhile since I had a proper Cornetto. Now almost 2 or 3 days I eat one hahaha nyumm~

 This place is recommended by Botak who says that this is the best mamak in town and around Malaysia. Fair to him, the place is not bad, clean, peaceful, good area, wide arrays of menu and competitive prices. When Botak says its good, you bet your ass that the food is good, because he's a pretty good and bad ass food reviewer and chef himself. We ate here for berbuka puasa (no, I wont use iftar) after me, Botak and Shazli had our pre-HO course at the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences. The place is called Maulana Food Court and is situated in Serdang or Seri Kembangan, wherever that is, just near Botak's house actually.

Here is Botak with the restaurant's special, mi goreng Prem hahahaha just kidding, mi goreng mamak, with chunks of ayam goreng rempah. It looks good, and it tasted good too.

Me and Shazli had beriani kambing and it was worth every penny. Lots of beriani rice, with the smooth and tasty texture of the kambing, it was really mouth watering. Especially since we are breaking our fast at the time. Teh o ais was the perfect complement for it. I think so la.

This Sutun story actually how many times are going to be aired on TV? I really hope one day this sotong guy will play a serious macho and manly type.