Tuesday, June 30, 2009

..the three bears..

Russians are a funny bunch. Apart from their stereotypical burly present, drunkards at night, military obsessed lot, there are some other things that I rather oddly find about.

1. Smoking. They smoke like there's no tomorrow. I mean, I could understand the adrenaline rush, the tension released when you smoke. But when even nenek tua, women and teenage boys also smoke, then there's definitely something wrong happening. This is one habit of Russians that I could not understand.

2. Drinking. I dont know about wine or vodka, but here, beers are cheap. I think even apple juice cost more than a regular bottle of Baltika, or any other eastern european brands. Imagine 9 or 10 in the morning in the bus, while standing in a crowded place, the odor of alcohol can be felt just behind you, by a drunken dude. Beer is nothing to them. They're like snacks.

3. IKEA. Oh. They just love IKEA. Now I've got to admit, they do sell some rather interesting stuffs, at an affordable price. This one is ok la.

4. Grocery shopping. Here, they shop by the masses. In bulk. They buy everything and I mean everything in one damn shot. Its like preparing your stuffs for winter hibernation every time. No wonder the lines are always long.

5. Mazda. They like the Mazda car. Mazda 3, Mazda 6, you name it. Why ah?

6. Temper. Man, they sure have issues. If you've been in Russia for only, just say 5 minutes, you'd be surprised how quickly they can have their blood pumped. Out of nothing! Maybe its their ego, thinking that they are above the rest.

7. Grannies. Or as they are called here, babushka. Now, this is one of the example of flaring tempers. Sometimes, without warning, you could be somehow yelled at by an angry babushka, babbling about something that has nothing to do you, but still, she would yell at you, then potong your que to get on the bus. Grannies are supposed to be nice to people...

I'm not trying to slate them, but this is just how they are. If what I write here is incorrect, then I would be glad to hear about it. Theres more I wanted to shout out, but maybe later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

..the golden goose..

Yes. I'm a big fan of the Colgate and Oral-B combination.

Damn you hot water. Where are you? The hostel admin says that they have to cut off hot water supply for some time (which they always do every year) for a yearly check up. Ok. I get it that they have to do a regular check up. But whats with using 2 or 3 weeks of it to do it? Are they telling me that they are not competent enough? Only earlier this month our Dean of Foreign Students Department has asked the hostel admin to get up their lazy arses and work all 3 elevators of our hostel at once. The hostel admin originally said that they only work 1 elevator because we bunch always break them damn lifts. And the lift technician actually works some blocks away, plus he claims that he's underpaid. Now who's fault is that? I personally think, if there were actually 3 lifts working, then they would share the same burden, so the dudes wont try to get on 1 stinking lift at once and break it, but instead, patiently wait for the other 2 lifts to come. The result? Less lift problem now. Eastern Europeans. They always have their other way of saying that they are, "malas".

The paint is giving up. Cheap stuff.


Give me back my hot water!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

..the musicians of bremen..

When you come to Russia, even with a sizeable amount of knowledge of the lingua franca, that is, English, dont expect that you can survive here. Without getting cheated by. I have to honestly say, eventhough I've been here for about 4years already, my command of Russian is very poor. I cant make studying here in only English as an excuse, because of course, I have to use Russian anyhow to get my stuffs done, buy groceries, using teksi sapu, fighting with babushkas (nenek tua yang selalu pergi pasar) over who get to get on the bus first, etc etc. I'm truly worried over how the hell I'm going to study next year, with it being all in Russian language. But then again, our seniors has gone through it and went ok, so why should I not? So here's just some basic Russian words that I've used over the years. My grammar is very fucked up, but hey, Russians dont really care about it. Because in the end, we are all "inastranyets" (foreigners).

Hello - ZDRASTvuytye

Yes - DA


Please - paZHALsta

Thank you - spaSIba

Excuse me - izviNIte

What? - SHTO

Good Morning - DObraye Utra

Good Night - spaKOYnay NOchi

Good-bye - da sviDAniya

See you later - paKA

My name is - miNYA zaVUT

How are you? - KAK deLAH

Where is the bathroom? - GDYE tuaLYET

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

..the brave little tailor..

The 10 worst foreign signings in British football of all time.

1 Tomas Brolin

In Euro 92, England fell to a superb goal from a hugely promising young Swedish striker. Eight years on, the scorer, now a vacuum-cleaner salesman based in Stockholm, could only reflect on a career which went grindingly wrong. Tomas Brolin at his peak was graceful, skillful and captivating. Past it, he was one of the most limited players in world football. The decline set in soon after Euro 92, but apparently went unnoticed by then Leeds boss George Graham, who paid Parma £4.5m for him in 1995. When Brolin arrived looking like Keith Chegwin's tubby twin, Graham was panic-stricken. Brolin made just 19 appearances in two years before his career collapsed amidst a series of training ground walk-outs and dietary rumours. Leeds paid out the remainder of his contract. He returned to England for a final Premiership fling at Crystal Palace in 1998, but, after 13 appearances, was deemed too fat to play, and made assistant manager to Attilio Lombardo when Steve Coppell was moved aside. Palace were instantly relegated - Brolin hasn't been seen in this country since.

2 Ali Dia

The Jeffrey Archer of Premiership imports arrived at Southampton in 1996 after convincing then-manager Graeme Souness that he was a top quality 30-year-old Senegalese striker with 13 international caps, carrying a recommendation from former Paris St Germain teammate George Weah. Plainly, he wasn't - but Souness's curiosity got the better of him. Dia was signed and brought on as a substitute against Leeds. After a superbly inept 53 minutes he was brought off again, and, 14 days after agreeing it, his contract was cancelled. 'I don't feel I have been duped in the slightest,' explained Souness afterwards. 'That's just the way the world is these days.' From Southampton, the japester joined non-league Gateshead, where he was transfer-listed in February 1997. He hasn't been heard of since.

3 Andrea Silenzi

Signed for £1.8m by Frank Clark for Nottingham Forest in 1995, 6'3" Silenzi took just seven full appearances to prove his worth. One of the first 'big name' Italian imports, Silenzi, known as 'the Big Brush', was a picture of disinterest. Earning a then-enormous £30,000 a month, his laid-back control, finishing and approach play soon had management and supporters worried. His only excess was in the length of his first touch. It took just weeks for the deal to look suspect, a month for it to look plain wrong and another to collapse. Half way through his first season, he had lost his place to Jason Lee, was loaned to Venezia, and when told to return by Dave Bassett, refused. Forest tore up his contract - meaning the whole deal, including wages and bonuses, had cost the club £2.75m. He scored twice - one against Oxford in the FA Cup and the other against Bradford in the Coca Cola cup. 'The whole business turned into a complete fiasco,' said Bassett.

4 Michele Padovano

Former Crystal Palace chairman Mark Goldberg, author of the club's recent near-death experience, signed Padovano from Juventus reserves in November 1997 for £1.7m in a typically ill-considered move. Handing the Italian an enormous contract in the hope that gratitude alone would spur him to score the goals to beat relegation, Goldberg touted his newest expensive arrival as the answer to Palace's prayers. In the event, the long-haired, out-of-condition forward scored once, appeared twelve times, and came to embody the club's failings. Utterly disinterested, Padovano never played more than two games in a row, and, after his twelfth appearance, settled contentedly into reserve team football, before leaving on a free to join Metz. He made a brief return visit earlier this year once the club had fallen into the hands of administrators to claim a reported £1m in unpaid wages.

5 Marco Boogers

Harry Redknapp wasn't always the streetwise London gaffer he is today. The arrival of 'Mad' Marco Boogers for £1m from Sparta Rotterdam in July 1995 was just one of a number of misjudged West Ham imports. Coming on as a substitute against Manchester United in only his second appearance for the club, Boogers was almost immediately red carded for 'a sickening horror tackle' (The Sun) on Gary Neville. He promptly disappeared, discovered several weeks later hiding in a mobile home in a Dutch caravan park. The Boogers debacle, which ended in a loan deal and subsequent free transfer to Groningen despite his protestations - 'I'm not mental' - was the worst of a dreadful Redknapp collection: Florin Raducioiu arrived for £2.4m in July 96 and was sold at a £600,000 loss six months later after missing training for a Harvey Nichols shopping trip; Portuguese supermodel Dani lasted five months before being thrown out for excessive nightclubbing; and £2m star Javier Margas went missing in February last year, turning up later at home in Chile. He, unlike Boogers, did come back.

6 Brian Pinas

A member of a select group of players capable of inspiring an entry in The Sun Says by the power of their name alone - Stefan Kuntz, Celta Vigo's Turdo and Sparta Prague's Milan Fukal wait their turn - Dutch winger Pinas survived 12 months in Newcastle's reserves before returning, broken, to Feyenoord. Greeted on his arrival in August 1998 by the Sun's editorial ('Pity soccer star Brian Pinas. The first time a referee takes his name he'll get sent off for using foul language'), the winger made one substitute appearance in a pre-season friendly against Birmingham before disappearing for good into reserve team football. He was sold back to Feyenoord in 1999, Newcastle making £200,000 from the deal. However, confidence shattered by a year's worth of jokes, he failed to settle, and was quickly sold on to feeder club Excelsior in the Dutch second division.

7 Marco Negri

Every week, Marco Negri, Rangers long-serving reserve team striker, earns an estimated £18,000. As, at the start of this season, he hadn't kicked a ball for Rangers in 26 months, with the exception of a brief substitute appearance against Morton in the Scottish Cup, that's almost £2m banked for no return. He arrived from Perugia for £3.5m in June 1997 under Walter Smith, scoring a phenomenal 23 goals in ten games - the best strike rate in Europe. But the warning signs were already there: Negri refused to celebrate his goals with more than a handshake, and managed to look aloof even while hitting the back of the net. He socialised only with full-back Sergio Porrini, with whom he played squash. During one of their matches, Negri was hit in the eye, and was out injured for weeks; once he recovered, his first team appearances were few and far between. Last month, now under Dick Advocaat, he played in the Rangers youth team that lost a pre-season friendly to East Fife. But with another £18,000 in the bank, he's not complaining.

8 Alberto Tarantini

Known chiefly for his haircut and temper, Alberto Tarantini was by far the least successful of England's 1970's Argentinian imports. Skilful on the ball but with no positional sense or discipline, his year at Birmingham City was fiercely unhappy - particularly given his pedigree as a World Cup winner. Whereas Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa made a positive mark at Spurs, Tarantini came and went in 23 games, with little or no footballing consequence. His career in England anded in 1987 after he waded into a home crowd for a punch up - a little publicised precursor to Eric Cantona's efforts at Selhurst Park 17 years later. At £295,000 from Boca Juniors, he was one of the first great foreign flops.

9 Stephane Guivarc'h

Stephane Guivarc'h features strongly among a convincing list of Newcastle contenders. Signed by Kenny Dalglish for £3.5m in 1998 and instantly belittled by successor Ruud Gullit, the French World Cup winner moved on to Rangers for another brief, miserable spell. He returned to Auxerre for £3.5m last summer, having collected substantial signing-on fees due to him from both clubs. 'I knew I could leave Rangers via an escape clause,' he said. 'I made sure of that after my experience at Newcastle.' Today, Guivarc'h is notable only for the interesting apostrophe between the c and h in his surname - the relic of Breton, a language once spoken by half-a-million Celts, and meaning 'swift stallion'.

10 Savo Milosevic

Yugoslavia's hero in Euro 2000 was a disaster at Aston Villa. Cleverly nicknamed 'Miss-a-lot-evic' by the tabloids, his finishing and approach play at Villa Park eventually left Brian Little, who signed him from Partizan Belgrade for £3.5m, unemployed. Villa fans failed to take to him despite 28 goals in 90 games, including the winner in the club's League Cup final victory over Leeds. The pressure became too much. After spitting flamboyantly at his own fans in Villa's 5-0 defeat to Blackburn he was put on the transfer list and sold to Real Zaragoza for £3.5m at the end of the season, where he recovered his form. Now he's off to Parma for £16m.

Taken from Guardian.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

..the elves and the shoemaker..

This is a Thai ad from the Pantene shampoo company. Its a very touching one. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. Thought wanna share it with you all. Taken from rojaks.blogspot.com. Your blog is very cool bro! =D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

..the little match girl..

  • Kena letak award ni di blog
  • Bagi award ni kepada 10 blogger yang rapat dengan anda atau yang mempunyai taraf kekacakan iras-iras C.Ronaldo yang baru berpindah ke Real Madrid atau yang anda suka/minat atau yang anda senangi dan memberi inspirasi kepada anda
  • Memberitahu penerima award ni dengan memberikan komen di blog mereka
Berdasarkan prestasi mereka yang cemerlang dalam membawakan watak masing-masing kami di sini akan menganugerahkan mereka dengan award yang telah dicopy-paste dari blog Razi.Dengan itu,menjemput saudara Naqqib untuk menyampaikan award ini.Calon-calonnya ialah:
  • Nadia (adik)
  • Edd (girl with issues)
  • Irise (taiko's gf)
  • Bunny (colorful)
  • Bah (superstrong girl)
  • Anna (gigi besi)
  • Hanhebat (hebat berantisosial)
  • Fiza (kawan Bunny)
  • Intan (girl with appetite for oriental guys)
  • Jimmy (junior SASER tersesat di Russia)
  • Jamal (mat jambu)
  • Liyana (kawan Matrix)
Saya memang tak sangka akan memenangi anugerah Blogger Paling Bergaya dan Berketrampilan buat kali kelapan berturut2 (tipu). Saya memang takleh nak kata apa la, dah orang kata blog saya best, and they always come for more. Malangnya masa selalu mencemburui saya, seperti seorang gadis yang selalu mencemburui jejakanya. Wakakaka. Sila klik nuffnang saya untuk tambah duit poket untuk saya. Thank you very much. Yes, yes. I love you all too.


PS:Post paling angkat bakul yg penah aku buat selama ni. I think I'm gonna puke on my bedsheet.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

..the puss in boots..

Makes my saliva meleleh...The only, Dunkin Donuts..

Can never beat the original one..NEVER!!

So I was saying, who is this bugger, Jason Koumas? Why am I so obsessed with it? Like how I am obsessed with the Dunkin Donuts box set. Talk about donuts, I dont really care what topping they have. As long as its good, I'll take it any given day. Here in capitalist Russia, the closest thing to it are just the Russian wannabe, "Doni Donik" and some other wannabes like "Coffee House" and all that sorts. I never really bought any of them donuts there though. Never really was enticed by it. The closest thing was maybe being in Starbucks, but thats just for a round of Frappucino.

Sugar coated ponchiks....regular person buys one..I always buy two in one shot..=p

Here, the traditional donuts are stuffed ones. They are called, "Ponchik". Ponchiki for plural lah. They stuff it with mundane everyday stuffs like chocolate mousse, caramel cream and maybe vanilla? I dont know. I only ever tried chocolate mousse and caramel. Doesnt taste heavenly, but what can you do when you are in a hurry to go to class and it just happens that theres a kedai roti nearby? Sigh.

Back to business, I never was really accustomed to the name Jason Koumas. I only know that he plays for West Bromwich Albion (used to), is an attacking central midfielder, is Welsh (like Catherine Zeta-Jones =D ) and has a peculiar little name, Ιασωνας Κούμας . Apparently he's half Greek-Cypriot. Much like Fenerbahce and former Sheffield United self-proclaimed star, Colin Kazim-Richards. Kazim-Richards now plays for Turkish national team though. And I must say he's actually pretty decent.

Jason "legend" Koumas making old fart Ryan Giggs crap in his pants..

I happened to stumble upon the greatness of Jason Koumas while playing against hanhebat in ProEvolution Soccer. Since I like playing the good guy, the underdog, I just chose Wigan Athletic while he chose, wait I cant remember, Barcelona I think? Or maybe it was Milan. Or Man Utd. Anyways, my Wigan totally ransacked his team, with Emile Heskey bulldozing his way through, and of course, the silky skills of the legend, Jason fucking Koumas. No defender could catch up with him, and his passing sublime, almost Andrea Pirlo-like, razor sharp passing. But anyways, he was only the source of jokes between me and hanhebat, as in real life, he doesnt really shine. Heck, even Wilson Palacios and Luis Antonio Valencia shines more than him in the Wigan team. The former now a midfield general for Tottenham Hotspurs, the latter in hot pursuit by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Koumas in 2011.Still at Wigan, playing reserves, CocaCola Championship,transfer fee a colossal 20,000 pounds. You read that, Ronaldo?

So there you have it, Jason Koumas. If you could one day make it to the top, like say, any of the EPL four teams, Barcelona or Real Madrid, I will make it damn possible to have you sign my replica shirt with your name embedded on it. JASON KOUMASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Even saying the name sends chill to my spine. lol

Thursday, June 11, 2009

..the canterbury tales..

I think the time is ripe. The time is now. Its about fucking time for me to change my mobile phone.

Reasons :

1. Got scratches.
2. Been using it for 2 years.
3. For some reason, people have a hard time trying to call me, often leading to SMSes saying that I have received miss calls. While in fact there was not even the slight of a ring.
4. There's a big ink-like blot on the surface of my LCD screen.
5. I want to seek pastures new, trying a new design.
6. The multimedia is not much fun.
7. Picture quality is average.
8. Ringtone is not loud enough for me to hear sometimes.

Trust me. This wont hurt a bit.

Monday, June 8, 2009

..the gingerbread man..

Who the fuck is Jason Koumas? Stay tuned for more updates.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

..the singing bone..

I have no mood for blogging. Well, here's something to laugh your ass out.