Saturday, October 30, 2010

..moon lovers..

My whole body is aching. My left ankle hasn't been the same since I injured it during training, when I accidentally stepped on the ball and misjudged it. Nevertheless, I gave my all for the guys yesterday, and I hope it was sufficient enough. We lost though. But it was not before we all rallied to make a comeback. It was okla, a game's a game :)

I finished watching my second dorama of this semester, or was it the third? Hrmm.. It was Takuya Kimura's Tsuki no Koibito or, Moon Lovers, whatever that means. I'm lazy to make a synopsis, so here you go.

The poster. Mehhh..boring poster.

Keiko Kitagawa! *faints*

Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chiling. omg omg is she for real? :D

Supercool dude Takuya Kimura in his usual cold self. Respect.

Ryoko Shinohara. Sort of the "onee-san" type.

Its a freaking good dorama though. Go check it out on daddicts for high quality versions.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

..the hunt for red october..

Its been a stressful and tiring week. Extended my visa on Monday, didnt bring my contract because it was not stated on the RMSA website that I should, so I had to rush back and get my contract in order to get my visa done. Why do we have to extend our visa every year? Students in other countries doesnt really have to I think. Its not like I wanted to stay here in Russia for long anyway. Its just that time and time again this stupid bureaucratic procedure is wasting our time, money and energy. Living in Moscow especially gives me all sorts of headache.

The Pediatrics lecturer was nice. She still is. She takes her time teaching us, using simple Russian words, although most of the time she's busy with the phone.

Spending an average 1 hour in the Metro everyday.

Rain has been falling for 2 days now. This really makes it harder to get out of bed. My roomate is usually gone to class by 7.45am, by that time I was just only suffering to get my towel and bath. Not to mention that I get hungry in the morning. In the afternoon too of course. Usually I'll bring a bottle of mineral water, although, it can't do much other than rehydrating me. Class usually finishes by 2.00pm, by the time I already lost all my focus and was only thinking of food and the comfortness of my room. Nowadays my guilty pleasure is sleeping before dinner, a bad habit I copied from my roomate =p

Today was a harsh day. Have to battle it up to get into the bus from Metro Konkova to the hostel. It was really packed and I was stuck by the driver's compartment. Along came a babushka (russian nenek). : Move it move it...I know there's more space..get in..

Maladoi chelovek (young man) : Impossible to move. No room.

All the while I've been stuck in the middle with my classmate, with nowhere to move.

Babushka : I said move it! They don't understand russian, these people.

My classmate was getting edgy and angry. Understandably so since the babushka was right behind us, pushing us in.

Classmate : Hey we can speak russian ok! And theres nowhere to go!

Myself : Oh no no...we cant speak russian..I dont understand russian at all.. *sarcasm*

Babushka : *really doesnt care for anything* There is space, I want to move.

Myself : I told you theres nowhere to go! Nowhere! (in russian) You stupid idiot! (in english)

Yes, I really said that. I'm sort of proud of it.

All in all, she went her way and finally went further inside and then went out. Strangely enough, the other russians were cool and just minding their own business, while this nenek just cant seem to settle herself down. Russia. One of those days.

If I could only punch you in the face. Not her though, this is just some random babushka.

Monday, October 25, 2010

..beautiful life..

Sometimes in life, you don't get what you want. Its not that you haven't strived for it, its just the way it is. Like for instance, when I was small, I like Formula 1 so much that my ambition was to be a race car engineer, or something. Because you know, boys like cars. But then I grew up, and had to be content with what I have to do. I tried my best, in my UPSR, PMR, SPM. I was above average, but it was just that I am not really excellent. I am just above average. And what do I have, that is different, compared to others? I can't really say that I'm a genius, like my roomates, and still, they study hard. But as the saying goes, mess with the best, die like the rest. So if I mingle with the best, I am bound to be as best as they are, right? I always wanted to an "ulat buku", but I simply cant sit by my desk for more than 30 minutes with just books. I just cant. Athough, I am especially in an overdrive mode if I have to pass a Patient's History report the next day, or maybe a presentation in class.

I wanted to play football so much, every week. Because for me, and girls will never understand this (although I suspect they never really wanted to understand it), it is one of my way of tension releasing, if there is such a word. But now, I play football in the league just for 10minutes, and with cuts and bruises. That is not what I want. I want to play happily with the guys, for 1 and a half hour, making silly passes, a bit of laughter, no pressure. But well you know, the sportzal (sports hall) has been manipulated by certain people, so what can we do? Even if we complain, it will almost always end in pointlessness.

To whoever is having a bad day, or a bad weekend like me, chill out to this song, Jimmy Cliff's "I Can See Clearly Now". Have a productive and fun week! :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010 I met your mother..


1. Low self esteem. Damn it.

2. No confidence. Did I get this from my dad?

3. Less smile. Hey my smile is golden,ok? :)

4. Not really outstanding. I was always like the guy who sits in the shadows, minding my own business.

5. Not good looking. I would say I sometimes look good when I have a good hair day. Acceptable?

6. Not good in words. I don't really know the art of "ayat2 manis".

7. Does not argue much. I always let everything slide. Yeah I know, its not good for my mental state.

8. Almost never comb my hair? xD Pfft..students..

9. Never smooth with the ladies. *sigh*

10. Never that friendly with guys as well. Did you guys watch "I Love You,Man" ?

11. My younger cousins likes to tease me alot. One time, she even asked me if I'm gay (I was like wtf!!!!!!!??) because she said I never really talked to her much. Really? Is me not talking to you really a problem? But I'm ok with her now by the way :) And no one ever really asked me that weird question.

So that was a short biography. Nite folks.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

..internet. connecting people..

Connecting people.

I had 2 days without internet. 2 fucking days. Thats a lot in Russian time. If I was in Malaysia, like during the holidays, I dont give a crap. I'm not really online much when I'm in Malaysia, so I dont really care. But in Russia, if you don't have internet, you are not connected to the world, or any people, at all. Sounds like I'm exaggerating, but its for real man. Malaysian students here can go crazy without internet. They are even willing to go through heavy snow and blizzard, with conditions of -10'C just to go to the internet company to complain why the hell their internet connection have been compromised. Its true. So hey, what did I do to spend my lousy 2 days without internet? Lets see.


Studying a bit more than I usually do. =p

Takdela study apa sangat pun. I don't really have class on the next day, just lectures. So I was just having light reading and preparing for my presentation on Hypothyroidism. I'm having Pediatrics now, and the lecturer seems kinda strict. Since there was no internet connection, I just have to resort to the usual old school (hehe) books and notes. My roomate was also the same, tapi dia lagi rajin daripada aku pun selalunya (ulat buku).


Watching X-files.

I used to be scared shitless every Wednesday night watching X-Files. Dah tau takut nak tengok jugak. I just finished downloading the full first season of X-Files. Its like back to the future you know. Yela, dapat tengok stail baju masa 90-an dulu, ada span kat bahu hehe. I can already sense a good chemistry between Mulder and Scully. The storyline was okla. So when I have nothing to do since the internet was gone, it was the perfect time to face my demons.


Watching Jaden Smith's Karate Kid.

Should have been called Kungfu Kid though. This kid got sixpacks weii, damn! The storyline of course follows a bit like the original Mr Miyagi's Karate Kid la, but Jackie Chan was ok. Oh and the amoi was kinda cute :)

This is she and the bully dude. Hey bully dude's got some nice kungfu moves, not bad eh.

Playing Football Manager 2010.

I usually try to avoid playing this game because I can get easily addicted with it. I once was scolded by my ex because I was late fetching her, all because I was stuck with this game hehe. Now I'm using Ajax Amsterdam in the Dutch League, and I feel kinda awesome, as you can see in the table above :)


Watching Piranha 3D, but not in 3D... :(

Damn it I should have watch this in Malaysia in 3D la of course. Tapi aku rasa kalau kat Malaysia mesti dah banyak kena potong haha.. There's so much of those "Spring Break" scenes, falling bras, wet tshirts, you name it. I cant quite say its scary, because the scene was so bright and colorful, kinda like watching Narnia. What I can say is, dont watch this movie with your family, ok? :D

So, thats pretty much what I've done to kill my boredom. There are other stuffs, but I think those are just menial and petty. Usually I dont care much if I dont have internet connection for awhile, but for some reason, I went a bit mental la pulak. Is it because I've using Twitter a bit much lately? Or is it for any certain reason? Hmmm....

Monday, October 18, 2010

..a picture tells a thousand words..

My puss...kitten...*cough* likes to play the piano.

Dunkin Donuts Moscow...

Nasi Goreng best kept secret! xD

I want to go snowboarding again..but I dont like snow..can ah? :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

..klang boy..

Mak and Abah in St.Petersburg.

1. He was born 55 years ago, in Kampung Jalan Kebun, Klang, Selangor.

2. The second child of Mohammed Haspani b Ikhsan and Sariah bt Sardi.

3. Full blooded Jawa born, 100% Malaysian.

4. Likes to eat traditional food such as ulam, durian, pecal, rojak, etc etc.

5. Everyday he cuts open people's heads :D to save them!

6. Goes to work before 7am. Back at home only when its 8pm.

7. Only stops working on a Sunday.

8. Likes Formula 1 and occasionally football. Also karaoke.

9. Hospital Seremban>Hospital KL>Hospital Ipoh>Hospital KL.

10. Spends his Sunday with the family fully. Or just falls asleep while watching the Hallmark channel on the sofa.

11. Uses a government issue black Perdana V6. Sometimes I race him with my Corolla. But it was futile. :((

12. Met my mum at UKM.

13. Best dad ever.

Selamat hari lahir yang ke-55 Abah. Although you are a man of not many words, you always make your presence felt, and sometimes you try your hardest to be cool, and thats ok. Your loyalty to the Government and the Rakyat drives me on towards my future. But I still don't know whether I wanna be a surgeon or not hehe. Stay healthy, and save more lives. I'm going to give my best too.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

..bad day..

My standard football ritual.

Awesome during training.

Like a dumbass when playing in front of a huge crowd. Again and again.

Sorry guys. This will definitely be the last time.

Friday, October 15, 2010 you hell..

Damn it. I'm a player to watch? Who's idea was that?

I'm a simplistic guy who doesnt like expectations. Why this!! =.= '

I think I'm gonna be nervous as hell and play like shit in from of all the supporters tomorrow night. Lets hope I don't.

Jebat FC. I'm the dude with the stupid grin , standing far right.

A friend said my name was awesome. Thats kinda nice from her. And I feel good already. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

..gadgets and mobiles..

As you all already know, my hobbies includes football, formula 1, anime, manga, a bit of travelling and sightseeing, sometimes cooking, reading books, japanese dramas, korean dramas, rarely malay dramas, and once in a blue moon, a bit of shopping. I was never the type that cares of gives a shit of things that I don't have, like a PlayStation, new shoes, laptop, or anything. My family is not rich, its just that, we are happy with what we already have, so I was brought up like that. We never moved away from Bandar Baru Bangi, as my mum worked in UKM, and my dad in HKL, so there was never a point to move anywhere. I'm not complaining though, Bangi is an awesome place. New shops and interesting restaurants are appearing like mushrooms after a heavy rain.

Ikan siakap 3 rasa from Restoran Village View Bangi, picture taken from :)

So anyway, I've been using my SonyEricsson W980 and well, I have no qualms about it. Sometimes its jammed, but I guess thats normal. But all the people around me are using smartphones like Blackberry, Samsung, and Apple's iPhone.

roommate's iPhone kinda look like this.

My dad has been encouraging me to get one for years, but I don't really get the point of having it, since I'm only interested in just taking pictures or listen to my playlist. But I think I've changed my mind. I mean, even she has bought herself an HTC smartphone. And now I do feel kinda outdated.... =.=' Here's my shortlist. In no particular order.

1. Apple iPhone 4. Stylish, bug free, cool apps. Maybe a bit of poor reception.

2.HTC Evo 4G. 8 megapixels camera (!!), microSD card until 32GB, Android OS 2.1 (latest is 2.2), though the design is kinda dreary..

3. Samsung Galaxy S. Screen resolution is superb. I already mentioned in my earlier posts.....I am in a tight budget, so the smartphones have to wait.. =((( Some time later I'll rant about DSLRs and stuffs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

..the volcano erupts..

And my head goes boom.

I'm sick and tired of this shithole of a place. The food is terrible. The people are arrogant assholes, right from their children, to the makcik, nenek and atuk. The language is damn hard to learn. We can't cook in our block anymore. The lecturers are picky and only likes the kaki bodek ones. First impression matters the most. If you make a stupid mistake in the first time, then expect to be labeled a target and being pick on the most by the lecturer. Bribing? Well, what can I say. I don't want to talk about that. Honestly, I don't really think they give a damn about our rights or well-being. Hostel contract? University contract? All in their language. And nobody even care to at-least translate it for us, or maybe hire a lawyer to represent us, in case we were being mislead or some sort. We cant have a special room for our prayers. The militsiya is always checking and picks on us, wanting to see documents, passports, or maybe expecting something else. And the internet? Well we already had good internet in the first place, the service was good. If we have any problem, with just a phone call, the technician will come and fix the line. But now the uni wants to monopolise the internet also. And so they gave this piece of shit they called iWave internet. Which every 15 minutes or so goes offline online, and what the hell man, I'm not using wifi, so its supposed to be stable. So ok, a year and a half left living in this dump. Perseverance, right.

Oh but thank God for this.

Maria Sharapova. Scream Queen. Damn it even the legs are too good for this picture, it goes on forever.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 in masks..

New cycle beginning tomorrow, Psychiatry. So its only fitting that I've added a new playlist in my Walkman, Slipknot's Greatest Hits. =) RIP Paul, awesome bassist with bad ass mask. My favorites should be Eyeless, Duality, Wait and Bleed, and some others.

Glad that we could catch up just know, even for just 5 minutes. :) Have I been using Twitter too much lately? I guess I am kinda lonely.

Friday, October 1, 2010

..losing my electolytes, dehydration..

Just a mundane and normal week for me. Classes and everything. Oh and I was caught using my stove to cook by the Dean. You see, it is now forbidden for us to use our stoves and cook in our room. We now have to utilize the common kitchen, and cook there. Problem is, the kitchen isn't functional yet in my floor, the 6th floor. And I'm so damn lazy to go cook upstairs at the 7th floor common kitchen. Afterward, I had to go and see the Rector, who was so damn scary. So he gave me a warning, blahblahblah, typical stuff that people with authority says. Anyway, all was well, and it was nothing much really.

Yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Richard Riot Jaem had the liberty to visit us in Moscow, and we had dinner with them, along with other 600 or so students, at the Malaysian Embassy. The food was great. But I had stomach ache the next morning. Apparently other people suffered from it too. I hope the VIPs didn't suffer from stomach ache when they are in their planes.

Ps : Why are you always tired and sleepy?