Friday, November 26, 2010

...dream within a dream..

Ahh..such nice dreams I had yesterday. Couldn't really remember what, because its a dream, I was just suddenly in the middle of it, sort of like Inception. I really like that movie, because in some way, it makes sense. In some way lah.

Zero gravity fight scene is awesome!

Have been paying people to cook for me for this month, but unfortunately they will not take any orders anymore starting from December, because you know, class finally caught on to them, and they have lots of things to do. I can understand, we have only 1 month or so left before our winter exams, and we need time to prepare and study. So I have to start cooking again, and so my random pick of cuisine will start again. Sambal telur, kurma telur, sambal seafood campur, telur masak kicap. I'm lazy. But I need to eat nasi and lauk berkuah somehow, and I don't really like eating out. Bukannya kenyang pun, and always its not really worth it.

Therapy class was killing me. It still is! I had stress for 2 whole weeks.

Its finally weekend, and finally I can blog something. Well, I'm gonna watch Toy Story 3 now since I'm already up. Oh, random fact, I actually am ok with horror movies, I just don't like the part when they cut the limbs or korek mata or eating someone's shit continually (The Human Centipede). I don't, ok >;( Here's to a good weekend.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

..that sinking feeling..

Routine of mine for the past few couple of days.

Woke up around 7 or something. Room mate already in bathing attire, just getting out of the bathroom, getting ready. Me still in slumber mode, sitting upright on the bed, pondering what to do next.

Got down from the double-deck in a jiffy, got a bit of morning-wood (hehe..) , took towel and off to bath with good old hot water.

Getting dressed. Topped up the sky juice for the day, Evian bottle nonetheless.

Refill je. Gila apa beli air Evian tiap2 hari =p

Not forgetting the protection for my injury-prone, yet luscious lips.


Finally, my earphone, one of the tools of entertainment as I enter the metro, spending an average 45 minutes in nothingness, staring at old people and funny smells.

Maybe getting a smart-phone next?

If you're lucky, you get to see some nice legs, always a good starter for the day ;)

A whole army of them is always good for the brain.

SNSD's are still my favorite though.

Then my class started around 10am, finishing at 4.30pm. With just 1 break, and lots of patients to cover. Its good that our lecturer exposes us to lots of things, I just wish she didn't push us to do so much homework in such little time. But its ok, I'll just have to go through it anyway.

Back home around 6pm, waiting for my food to come. If I have time, I could afford to take a quick nap for about 1 or 2 hours, no more.

Eat, bath, the usual stuffs, then, have to complete the stuffs she ordered us to do.

Sleep at about 1.30am or 2am. I think I have enough sleep, but the tiredness is killing me.

Oh well, not long to go. Cheers.

Superb Indian food that I had by the way.

Tandoori chicken.

A whole pot of em.

Here's to a good week ahead! ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010's morphin time!..

During my younger years, I used to like Power Rangers, like a lot. And also Doraemon, X-men and other cheesy cartoons that I was fed with. But did you guys realise that Power Rangers sounds a bit racist?

Yellow ranger is Asian. Of course she is. Yellow skin?

Red ranger is a redneck. Doesnt really think much, but always eager to show his muscles. All brawn but no brain.

Pink ranger. Drama queen. Stupid blonde. Talks too much. Kinda hot.

White ranger. The white supremist. Leader of the pack. No other color can dethrone him.

Black ranger. Of course. Because he's a black guy. And he talks jive and breakdances.

Blue ranger. Blue is always the color of nerds. And blue ranger is a nerd. Also, he acts kinda gay.

..down, but not out..

Gastroboi red.

Colo-colo red.

Colo-colo blue.

Random shit.

Last day of RFL, when I was in third year.

Havin fun.

Copa Cobana.

This is called, misstimed judgment. Sorry! :p


Akula FC.

Mr 13 keeps on pondering...

Life as a defender is hard. If you do too much skill, your captain will shout at you and tell you to stop that bullshit and just pass the damn ball. If you misjudge your tackle, people who don't understand what happened will just screw you and say you just want to injure people. If you play with too much passion, people will say chillax man lets just have some fun. Is it fun to see wingers or strikers just go past you and making fun of you? Then pity the goalkeeper who doesn't have any protection because the defender just stood there without action. Football is harsh. Defenders doesnt get all the credits they should have, like blocking, screening, tackling, body contact, clearing the ball with the head or feet, assists for goals. Don't judge us defenders too early, understand what we've been through.

As for me, I'm a running-type of defender. I don't think I'm fast, but I think my will and eagerness is always 120%, I never give less to my team, even when I'm tired. I don't have skills, I don't have the brains also, so thats why I keep running and running to help my mates. Though sometimes I get frustrated and tired, I end up kicking someone's shins or thigh without intention. Its football. Even as a defender, I was kicked about too. Yesterday I don't know who, but someone kicked me at my shins, and it was pulsing. As always, I let my injuries heal themselves and just let go. I dont even remember or know who it was, but I dont mind. Just one last thing I want to say.


Happy Sunday everyone! :D *sleeps*

Saturday, November 6, 2010

..broken home..

First, my uber-cool office issue chair (which cost a bloody 1500rubles) was broken, tak sampai setahun pun pakai.

Then my back up chair also went loco. Its not mine though actually, ahohoho...

So I had to take back and use this little stool that I lend my sister earlier. What is the life expectancy of stuffs in Russia. A year or two? I can go bankrupt.

Friday, November 5, 2010 powershot A3100 IS..

Today is a Russian holiday, and suddenly I had the urge to buy a point and shoot digital camera. I browsed the internet for about 2 to 3 hours and suddenly thought, "fuck it, I'm gonna buy it anyhow". So off I went to Metro Avtozavodskaya where the shop is situated, together with my rather tall and sometimes misunderstood roommate. So hurrah, I got myself the Canon Powershot A3100 IS. I've just had one or two testing shots, but later I'll be updating.

Unboxing. Lots of stuff yeah.

The receipt.

The warranty, was it for 2 or 3 years..? mehh

Had to buy memory card separately. Cheap bastards.

The manual disk, as you can see.

I don't know what the heck this is for.

Protective layer for my LCD screen. Had to buy separately also.

The box. Not that interesting.

The manual, which is in Russian.

Yes, this camera was made in Malaysia. Malaysia boleh! :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

..boys day out..

It was a Sunday. And while most of my mates are lazying around and enjoying some good time by sleeping, me, Dol (Sufrin Mansor) and Ipe (Irfan Ghazali) decided to be a man and went for a walk. Did nothing much but eating and sightseeing. Reached back home at 8.00pm, but went back happy because I got myself something :)

Yeah I got myself a slouchy beanie from H&M just like Jake Gyllenhaal.

The place was called Metropolis.

Here it is at night.

Just a walk away from Metro Voykovskaya. Why is the sign so damn dirty?

And finally, treated myself with tuna sandwich from Bagetteria and Mochalatta Chill from Cinnabon.