Wednesday, December 31, 2008

..immaculate cruxification..

It is now 2.19am, 1st January, in the Roman year of 2009 and Islamic year of 1430. For me, it is just another day, another which will be filled with lots of unexpected things, some that we loathe, some that we will be pleased at. I dont celebrate it much, not even bothering to have an "azam tahun baru" because I know I will just fucked it up time after time. We've all been through that. I'm not saying one should not have one though. It is indeed your own choice. And I am just stating an opinion. So perhaps for me, its better to have goals that are short and easy, taking things one at a time, so that I can strive to that goal better. Like the saying goes, we can only plan, as it is Allah who will decide. Planning is never too bad,eh? =)

It goes without saying, since the holiday kind of started just now, it seems like I have lots of time in my hands now, not the kind of thing I can afford all these will. Then perhaps I will dedicate some of these time to gather my sleep and eat as much as I can, in the process, becoming a couch potato. I think I will just watch movies, Top Gear and play Football Manager for the time being. Dont really have a plan to travel like others and stuffs, since I'm financially strained, so hibernating in my room doesnt seem a bad idea perhaps.

Was planning to just tapau food from Sinbad for dinner today, but it was closed! Hence the need to cook, so I had Nasi Lemak for dinner. And watched Ghost Town. Not a bad idea after all.

Happy New Year 2009. All the best, and seasons greetings.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

..dare you to move..

Yesterday had Nasi Lemak for lunch, well if you can call it lunch la at 4.00pm. Didn't do nothing much for the whole Saturday, but then got futsal that night hohoho.. Shazli-kun asked me to join play for Copa for awhile, so I thought why not la, I'm starved of football!! Haha Didn't really fancy using the taxi because it will cost me and taking walk is not such a bad idea after all. But it is when its -9'C outside! Shit didn't expect that one. Was actually planning of catching the bus but when there's no sign of one I decided to walk lah. Its a good exercise really. The coldness is quite fine, I just couldn't handle when the wind is blowing. That said, I arrived just on time, 8.00pm and straight away got into my futsal gear and play.

There was also Bukit Tinggi and Akula. I played primarily as defender, but then I got bored and decided to run about and help the strikers who couldnt fire the ball into the net! Huhu sakit hati sial =p well at least I scored 2 goals kot and blocked some attempts on the other end. Since Boo the muscular man couldnt come play as keeper, we had to rotate playing as goalie. I didn't quite fancy it to be honest. But then twice I got clean sheet, and nothing went pass me! Haha kelakar gile perhaps it was because of my stripes long sleeves kot, confused the lot a bit, kinda enjoy it in the end, no tension between us all and everyone got a few fair shots at playing, so it was nice lah.

*sigh* Have to prepare for stupid Monday...the holidays couldn't come soon enough.. =)

Friday, December 26, 2008

..points of authority..

I was tagged by Fakhrurazi Jamaludin. WTF.


* Must be cute. Its always gonna be the looks aite =D
* Preferably not taller than me.
* Witty and smart talking.
* Can cook.
* Talks a lot, only because I don't talk much.
* I have a thing for girls with inflated cheeks.
* Have some similarities in hobbies. At least same taste in movies.


* Physically unattractive.
* Unorganized.
* Talks too much and don't know when to stop.
* Strange smell.
* Clubbing type and too outgoing.
* Tomboy.
* Busybody, sometimes acting like a makcik.


* Happy (dapat date dengan awek cun).
* Nervous (takut duit dalam poket x cukup lol).
* Afraid (disebabkan aku mulut celupar,takut utk ckp benda2 camsial).
* Patient (layan dia pegi kedai2 yg aku langsung x minat).
* Relax (kena cool,kalo ada masalah,berlagak macam tau nk selesaikan).
* Ignore (jaga supaya x terkantoi tgk awek cun yg lain =p).
* Playful (bermain2 tp kena pada tempatnye supaya x terlalu boring).

4. 7 benda yang ingin anda beri kepada si dia :

* Food.
* Trust.
* Stuffed animals.
* Attention.
* Advices.
* Just being there where she wanted.
* Certain things that she likes. (shopping la ni)

5. Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda:

* Any certain Westlife songs. Thats the best I could do for boybands. Thats it.

6. Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 7 PERIHAL Ini

* Han Terror (Azzam).
* Couldn't think of anyone else, so if you guys wanna do it then do it lah.

PS: Eh, dont take all of this seriously k, terms and conditions apply. Might change according to situations hehehe. of the sinful..

Its been an eventful 5 days this week. I've been playing a little of Football Manager 08 in some of the free time that I have hehe. The Kop faithful would be glad to know that in 2010, I managed to bring the EPL trophy back to Liverpool hehe. In my time there from 2007 to 2010, and I am still the gaffer, I managed to bring 5 cups home and 1 league championship hoho. Now I'm a continental-standard manager whose grade is about the same as Jose Mourinho, Fabio Capello and Guus Hiddink. Of course, this is virtual reality, because in the real world, I wouldnt make much sense as a damn manager hehe. Oh and I dont cheat by the way,selling and buying players as such. Its my 3rd season I think and Fernando Torres has been scoring for fun like its in kindergarden, Ryan Babel finally showed his true potential, France's custodian Sebastian Frey is a safe pair of hands, Pepe Reina was too much of a clown so I sold him to Milan. Now Milan is also trying to buy Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso, those Italian cunts!

I managed to persuade Theo Walcott from Arsenal in the close season before, for free! Hehe and now he is starting to score at will, he was a wonderkid before that, and now he is continental. Dirk Kuyt is ok la as a backup striker, but I already sold Peter Crouch for healthy sum, I also sold Daniel Agger to Milan for about more than 10million pounds, so I've been using Martin Skrtel instead. The skinhead is as solid as a Russian tanker, and even the heaviest attacks of Frank Lampard or Cristiano Ronaldo couldnt pass through him.

Enough said about that, I'm fucking tired of all these colloqs this week, and weekend couldnt come much sooner. I'm off fighting Chelsea in the Champions League. Adios.

Friday, December 19, 2008

..powdered snow..

Felt crappy today. Part of it is because I didn't pass all of my Surgery questions. I did planned to answer only 2 questions, because I thought I couldn't possibly study all 4 topics, 4 questions in just 1 night! Indeed,while that happened, I only scarcely study those 2 topics. In the end, because I was too lazy to study from the textbook,while only depending on the lecturer's notes, I didn't pass the other question! So that is why my dear ladies and gentlemen, I feel so fucked up today. Should've try harder though. Damn. Well at least I passed my CPR question with flying colors. I guess. =D

Just now I got a brilliant idea, well since I got a color printer now, so what the heck,right? I'd always wanted one, but the idea never struck me. So I printed my own "This is Anfield" plaque and just glued it on my room door. This will surely piss of Shazli-kun (ManU garbage head) and Nabeyl (Chelskiy stalker) every time they go pass my room hahaha. Recently I downloaded House Season 5,and of course I'm keeping it safe in my DVD collection hoho. Well the story chapter like usual doesn't make much sense, in a medical student's point of view la, but his character's quirkiness does make up much of it. Oh and I've been watching lots of movies too. Weird, since I'm in 3rd year and I'm supposed to bury my nose in a stack of books right now. Heck I dont care as long as i don't mess in other people's business. But I guess so, I really need to burn the midnight oil right now, its exam season by the way. And people are flying everywhere, whether for Europe or for the comfort of Malaysia. Well I guess I'll be just fine here stuck in frosty Moscow =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

..jack of all trades..

Hurrah. Today unexpectedly I got my first zachot of the semester (somekinda credit untuk mata pelajaran), which is, for my radiology class. I feel like I'm Dr.House MD, hehe although I don't want his kaki tempang. Just found out that Razi my good evil buddy from SASER had a blog, and the dude is kinda fun too, so I bookmarked his blog hoho. Always acts macho although the fact is, he's as tall as my shoulder, sleeps alot in class (selalu kena marah dengan Ustad Farid), kaki bangku, smart tak bertempat, kuat pau buku komik aku and kuat pegi toilet.

So as I said, I don't have to go to radiology classes anymore,its damn far anyway! So thats 1 down, and lots more subjects to go huhuhu.. I don't think I can finish all the subjects in time for the holidays but I'll try my best nevertheless. Had dinner at Sindbad,ate Shaurma (sejenis kebab) and gladly went home. Then Palong and Wani invited me to go futsal tonight, which I can't, because I got Surgery colloq tomorrow!! WTF!!! I wanna play la!!! Sadly, I declined his invitation politely...huhu

Still hungry though..

Monday, December 8, 2008

..cataclysm children..

Selamat Hari Raya Haji, or Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all. As for me, it wasnt a holiday. It was bad, and it was raining. But as usual, I had my trusty SonyEricsson W610i Walkman to kill my boredom, as I was boarding the underground Metro. Was a bit lost when I didnt exactly knew the way to Al-Amin Travels, to buy an Etihad flight ticket.

Now, what kind of airlines exactly is Etihad? Sounds arabic, and so it is. For me also, the first time I encountered it, was when it sponsors the Ferrari Formula1 team, the big name of Etihad sticking there on its tail. Didnt really bother to Wiki it though. But I guess its as good as Emirates.

Was late for Pathan class though. Dont really care as long as I go to the class haha. So the lecturer just stated there on my attendance sheet that I was late. Ceh. Like I care. Some dont even bother to come. The Russian weather is really a killer for aspiring students alike. Its like an invitation. Wahh its so windy or snowy or raining outside, lets just bury ourselves under these pillows and just sleep...cozy huh. I saw many of my mates spurning their studies like that. DOTA also spoiled many students' life. I cant tell of how, but I just know that it does.

By the way, cancelled the Euro plan because Abah didnt approved it. I guess I saw that one coming. He just bought me a new laptop, repaired the car that I crashed for RM10000, spent some more money on getting my sister here, so I guess thats understandable. Still, I planned it for so long huhu. Kinda sad, but I guess theres a shining light behind all those.

Hey, go and watch Bangkok Dangerous. Can't wait for Ong Bak 2 (not Tom Yum Goong).