Friday, January 14, 2011

..lets makan..

After a tiring futsal session, ended at around 11.30pm, which I am actually pissed off with the rather lackluster performance of some of my teammates, I rewarded myself with a healthy dose of dinner, at 1.30am. Yes, my biological clock is now fucked up, and I really want to wake up early during these study weeks, but the earliest that I could was at 10am. Without using an alarm clock mind you. So hey, lets see what I have in my camera.

Nasi Goreng Paprik.

Awesome chocolate cake. This was at Starbucks some time ago.

Chocolate donut, large fries, fish burger and medium orange fanta, after coming back from class.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

..2010 Recap...

1. Travelled to Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin.

Amsterdam was awesome.

Yeah, well.... =pNext stop Paris!

Always feel like I was in somekinda movie.

Thumbs up Paris!

This was all I remembered about Berlin, the awesome bathroom =p

2. Finished my practicals even in the midst of all the shortcomings.

Place where the HO's do their work.

Usually by 2.00pm, some of them are already dozing off.

Almost 70% of their time are spent by smoking and taking multiple breaks.

It was an unforgettable experience though.

3. My parents came to Moscow.

Pity my mum, actually she wanted to play with snow, but its summer.

Just an average family ;)

Of course, outing to Arbat :)

4. Balqis.

Really hope she's doing ok.

5. Finished my 4th year safely.

Psychiatry hospital.

6. 3rd place in Tamil New Year 2010 Cup with Jebat FC.

Formed a formidable defensive partnership at the back with Mr Hanhebat.

To the spoils, the victors!

Thats just all about it. Will update if I remember about anything else. Cheers!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I rarely indulge in watching independent or indie movies, let alone a Malaysian one. But this is a rare gem. In fact, it was just one of the few movies that kept me literally at my seat, watching it with intend, while waiting for the story to gather pace. Gadoh is a classic story about teenage angst and confusion, caused by raging hormones and difficult upbringings. This movies just shouts straight at your face really, what the Malays and Chinese think about each other. In the end, we are all the Malaysian race. Well I can't really write a synopsis very well, its up to you guys to watch and judge. But its a real eye opener for me :)