Wednesday, June 30, 2010

..don't call my name..

My favorite players currently for the World Cup. >:D

Mesut Ozil. Fantastic attacking midfielder and playmaker.

Asamoah Gyan. Strong and hardworking centre forward.

Luis Suarez. A skillful striker with bags of tricks.

Maicon. A fullback that rampages the right wing. Also, kinda look like my senior, Warren Erwin Nicholas.

Phillip Lahm. Germany captain and fullback that can play at both flanks. Also, has a sweet shot.

Wesley Sneijder. Holland's magician and playmaker. Can strike the ball like theres no tomorrow with any foot.

Lionel Messi. How can I possibly leave him out?

Nelson Valdez. Combines dribbling skills with sheer determination.

Richard Kingson. Ghana's flying custodian.

Robinho. What a gem of a player. If he's in the right mood actually.

Mark van Bommel. A midfield general, with devastating passes and concentration.

Carlos Tevez. He just never stops running.

Bastian Schweinsteiger. He really has become quite a midfield dynamo.

David Villa. The perfect striker.

Arjen Robben. Fleet footed winger with good pace and acceleration.

Lucio. Where else can you find a centre back with good dribbling skills?

Gonzalo Higuain. Born in France, opted to play for Argentina. What a difference that has been.

Lukas Podolski. The golden boy has a knack of doing it right only during tournaments.

Diego Lugano. Uruguay's outstanding captain and centre back.

Kevin Prince Boateng. Always eager to give 110%.

Dirk Kuyt. I really like his enthusiasm and hard work.

Here's a little of Europop for you. The song Alejandro from Lady Gaga. Surely there's some ABBA and Ace of Base influence in this song. Well..

..don't stop, make it pop..

Holidays! Everyone loves it. Who in the world doesn't? But why the heck do I have to get stuck doing practicals in Moscow? For 6 damn weeks. But I'm looking at it on the bright side. I'm sure we'll get atleast something beneficial at the end of the day. I still hate it nevertheless. Its not really because I'm a foreigner, its more that the doctors dont really know what to do with us, even with their own Russian students. Most of them just go out lepak and smoke anyway.


- Briefing by my curator Dr. Misai Bodo2 Alang and the naughty librarian-looking Dr. Singa Betina.
- Fire, electric and emergency plan briefing. Almost fell asleep.
- Division of groups.
- I'm starting in the Surgical Department no.3.
- Went back by 1.30pm.


- 8.30am, doctor's round.
- Scribbled a bit on the patient's history.
- Observed the doctor cleaning post-operative wounds and rebandaging. Boring.
- Finished the day at 3.45pm. Tired!

Well those are only a small bit of what I did during my first week of practicals. I'm sure I learned atleast something, perhaps how to speak Russian fluently? I hope so. I'm now trying to download as much movies as possible. Just to make a collection for my dad at home.

I'm planning to overhaul my room here in Moscow a bit. The kitchen/corridor looks horrible, dark and dirty. I'm trying to do something about the cracked floor, maybe patch it up a bit.

Anyway, since its holiday time, lets just enjoy and embrace it. Like this song from Ke$ha for example, Tik Tok.

Saturday, June 26, 2010 hole sun..

Ah, my lovely hostel.

My roommate has gone back home. Soon, everyone in the room will be. And I'm stuck here until the 31st of July. WTF. Frankly, the exams wasn't too bad, but I think I could do better. But then, thinking about it again, all the exams were in Russian, so I decided to have a pat on my own back, and say "good job" to myself. The subjects were Facultative Surgery, Facultative Therapy, Neurosurgery + Neurology.

As you can see, I am actually enjoying myself. This was in spring though.

And finally I managed to finish everything on time. It was no mean feat. I struggled a lot, but I didn't gave up. Operative Surgery was the hardest of them all. So what now? I still have 5 weeks of practicals. My parents are coming to Russia, my dad has some work in St Petersburg. Guess I have to call home tomorrow. Its been awhile. I was never one that always call my parents at home, updating them on stuffs. I have a feeling my dad was also like that when he was young, heheh.

Just a memory of winter. This shit is dangerous. Seriously, Peter Wong Kit Yew can snowboard better than me.

The weather has been hot, sticky and choking. You know what I mean. In Malaysia its better, because the have proper fans on the ceilings, but here, just get ready to let your shirt stick to your body. I for one, am someone who sweats easily, so I kinda hate this situation. Yes the weather is nice for a walk, but I prefer spring time.

Exams are finished, now only got practicals to be done. I have so much free time. I guess I'll list what I should do :

1. Eat properly, gain some weight. I'm trying to reach 70kg, just like my roommate.
2. Top up my sleep. This I need the most.
3. Learn to cook new kinds of meals?
4. Clean the whole room.
5. Destroy all the cockroaches.
6. Try to catch up with the Bleach anime.
7. Promised to cook Nasi Goreng Pattaya for my groupmates when I finished Opexa exams.
8. Pay my nazar back home later.
9. Finish up all my spices and food.
10. Prepare stuffs for when my parents come to Russia.
11. Get to know my Russian groupmates better.
12. Speak better conversational Russian, without mistakes as possible.
13. Make the most of the practicals, try to be more active.
14. Watch and burn all the movies I've downloaded.
15. Make plans for my homecoming to Malaysia! =D
16. Learn the roads of Shah Alam, so that I wont get lost when seeing Miss Bubblegum.
17. Save money for iPod Touch.

So Moscow, now that I am in a holiday mode, what do you have to offer me? =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

..the beautiful people..

Here is me, acting interested, with my sis.

9th June was my sister's birthday. She also studies in the same place as I am right now. I had some free time before my next exam (which is tomorrow btw =p) . I never had the time to properly celebrate her birthday before since I was always away from home, so I decided to show her that her bro is a decent guy. =D I didn't do much though, I don't really know what to give her as a present, as she's not the type who shops or drools about things, she's sort of a simpleton really. In the end I bought her cellphone accessories, a birthday card and a cake. She always throws these big surprises on her friends' birthday, but rarely do people appreciate what she did, thats what I always saw btw, as her bro. But maybe I dont know the real story, I guess? =) But she told her friends not to do anything on her birthday that day as they were in exam mode for the whole week, so as not to trouble them, so to speak.

When we were young.

So I did her a little surprise on midnight. Think she liked it, well I dont really know, I'm not a good planner. Later that evening after class, her mates came and threw her a little celebration. I'm glad you have good friends everywhere you are. So here goes, happy birthday Nadia! =D Oh, she's now 21 btw hehehe...

..freak on a leash..

My good friend is a celebrity! Well at least I think that of him that way hehe. I just knew from yesterday that he was acting in a Coca Cola ad for Malaysia, in conjunction with the World Cup. That is so cool man! =D My friend Johan is the one with the snow cap, with quite lot of scenes too! Way to go man! :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm currently playing Football Manager 10, in which I started in the season 09/10. This time, I wanted to try the Scottish Premier League (SPL). As I am still a noob in the SPL, I took the reigns of Celtic FC from manager Gordon Strachan. By then, Celtic was quite a decent club, with decent quality of players, but I know that I can take this club further than ever. Being one of only 2 giant clubs in Scotland, this wasnt really a problem.

Celtic gave me around 10 mil pounds of transfer money to start with, and the squad was really quite ok, though it only needed some twitching in certain areas. But today, I want to share my sort of successful story of wheeling and dealing. Most of the players that I bought at the cheap are from the transfer list, and others are free transfers. I'll show you according to the seasons that I've went through. By this time, I'm already into my 4th season of SPL.

1. Lee Naylor, bought 0.6M pounds, sold 0.9M pounds.

2. Scott McDonald, bought 0.75M pounds, sold 2.5M pounds.

3. Marc Crosas, bought 0.425M pounds, sold 1M pounds.

4. Scott Brown, bought 4.4M pounds, sold 6.75M pounds.

5. Paul Caddis, academy, sold 2.5M pounds.

6. Aiden McGeady, academy, sold 8.5M pounds.

7. Marc-Antoine Fortune, bought 3.5M pounds, sold 5M pounds.

8. Per Ciljan Skjelbred, bought 2.2M pounds, sold 9M pounds.

9. Javier Garrido, bought 1.7M pounds, sold 6M pounds.

10. Petar Skuletic, free, sold 0.475M pounds.

11. Ezequiel Garay, bought 4.1M pounds, sold 8.5 M pounds.

`12. Ki Sung Yong, bought 1.7M pounds, sold 4M pounds.

13. Etienne Capoue, free, sold 7.25M pounds.

14. Damiano Ferronetti, bought 1.8M pounds, sold 3M pounds.

15. Adam Johnson, free, sold 1.4M pounds.

16. Henri Lansbury, free, sold 1.9M pounds.

17. Michael Johnson, bought 1.7M pounds, sold 3.3M pounds.

18. Urby Emanuelson, free, sold 4.4M pounds.

19. Andriy Pyatov, free, sold 4.8M pounds.

20. Willo Flood, bought 0.15M pounds, sold 2.5M pounds.

21. Michael Mancienne, bought 2.7M pounds, sold 4M pounds.

22. Charles Kabore, free, sold 4.3M pounds.