Friday, December 25, 2009

..the language of the birds..

For the past 2 weeks, the lecturer was giving me psychological horror and mental torture, which will lead to :

A. me studying hard to prove him wrong
B. so mentally scarred that I have no mood to study the night before class
C. so afraid to give even speak out in class to give an answer even though it was correct (some of them are =p)

Frankly speaking, the lecturer was expecting much of us, wanted to actually make us study harder to take a harder grasp on real life. Medicine is no bull shit. Yes. But, he really could have done it in a more humble or subtle way. Well I guess thats just his way of teaching. Regardless, I got credits today, and I was studying a bit more than normal actually, so, kudos.

Kingdom of Heaven. What can you say? Such a great movie, by the bad ass epic movie specialist director, Ridley Scott. Though I must say, Gladiator was his best ever. Theres no good versus evil here. Just a bunch of soldiers following what their commanders say, some. even blindly so. The way Scott depicts Saladin and his Muslim Arabs was not actually correct in some way, but I can see that he did his best. Plus, its very rare for me to see a bunch of Arab army in a Hollywood movie. So, yeah, plus the kick ass soundtrack and colossal army fights, it is very inspiring, after such a tiring week in the hospital.

MTV of the day, Michael Learns to Rock - That's Why You Go Away.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

..the princess who was hidden underground..

Tak best nye!!!! =(


Even after all these years.

Even after all these failings.

Still sakit hati jugak.

Even though I know I'm not supposed to.

Damn it lah.

Just now I was sleepy, then when I saw it, my heart was racing furiously (mild tachycardia).

I'm living in my own world I guess.

Perasan je lebih kot.

I'm always like that.

I always have a feeling that she felt I'm not worthy of her, ada je yang tak sempurna. (too dark, too tall, too quiet, too gloomy, too slow, too blur).

*sighs*.. what to do..I'm way over here...tsk..

MTV of the week, the Click Five - Just the Girl.

Friday, December 18, 2009

..the story of King Sindibad and his falcon

Showing off my phone.Hah!

One more week before I finish my Facultative Surgery cycle, the last one before I can close a chapter on my first semester of my 4th year education. Waking up early in the morning to catch the bus, then hopping into the metro just to make it in time, all the while with an empty stomach. But lately I've been trying to discipline myself to make a cup of tea in the morning before I am on the go. Thats right. I drink tea. And its Lipton. Not that hard really. Boiled water, a sachet of tea, 3 cubes of sugar, done. But really actually I have to wait for awhile because I dont really drink very hot drinks or hot meals. So far so good.

What have I been up to these past weeks when I was not blogging? Last minute studying, window shopping at weekends, trying to catch on some sleep, beating the crap out of the cold winter, playing some futsal with some mates, watching movies that I've torrented, playing FootballManager 2010, studying...I lead such a nerdy life, its no wonder that I'm still single.. =(

A typical day in eastern Europe. Brushing off snow.

By the way, the whole of Europe is now experiencing sub-zero weather conditions. Take for example now, well, ah yes, Moscow. Mtf Moscow. Everyday its -25'C in the morning, when we have to go to class and bear the brunt of mother nature. I think its not that bad. I heard Paris was experiencing -10'C at some point. Extreme weather is not new to Moscow citizens.

The important thing that I've noticed is :
-keep your freaking head covered, with snowcap, fur cap or hood
-cover your hands, or put them in your pockets
-cover the neck area with scarf, or something, they are most vulnerable to change in temperature
-avoid sport shoes, use boots if you have them,keeping the feet warm
-walk fast
-keep indoors

Exams are just around the corner. Happy studying to all.