Sunday, June 10, 2018

..return of the jedi..

Hi blogger, its been awhile. I'm 32 now, married, have 2 kids and i'm a medical officer in HKL.

Nothing much to say these days, just mundane life, brighten up by my wife and kids.

Havent play futsal for awhile though, and i'm gaining weight, sigh..

Anyway, happy fasting.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


11th September 2013 was my mum's 53rd birthday. It was also the day my atok passed away. She went peacefully at her hometown Tangkak during Subuh. I was supposed to work night shift later that day but obviously i'm not fit to work that day. She was the last of my grandparents to pass away. Now i'm a cucu yatim piatu :( Good bye atok..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

..prometheus rising..

Seremban and Bangi is not really that far away. If I drive a moderate 120kmh (which is a bit beyond the limit of 110kmh) I can reach the hospital or back home in a modest 30-35minutes. However, every morning I push my trusty old Corolla to the limit till 140kmh as I needed to arrive there in 20minutes. Its possible. Everyday I have to punch in before 7 am, and punch out at 6 pm. If I work on night shifts (cant call them oncalls for some reason), then I have to punch in by 4 pm and out by 9 am. However, if I my night calls are in the ward, I have to follow the morning rounds and so actually I'll be off at about 9 something. So far the latest was 12 pm, and that was a very tiring day. 

A trip to Melaka isnt complete without trying the asam pedas fish.

Ah Lok cafe, Melaka.

Curious George.

Ready to go to work.

It was fun.

When I got the free time (which is rare), basuh la kereta.

My roomate Shazli, currenty in HKL.

Our bromance gang, Dol, currently in HRPZ2 Kota Bharu.

Weddings I dont really wanna go. But I like the food.

Anyway, I'm currently in my second posting, and I'm still learning the ropes, everything seems so new and different. Deep down I still have an attachment to the Pediatrics Department, after all, it was my first love :p Work is tiring, interesting, and brings a whole new perspective to me. No more staying late at night and waking up when the sun has long been up. I still have so much to learn, the culture and management here is different, and I still need time to adapt. But time isnt something that I have. Before I know it, I'm already 1 month into O&G, and I'm still weak. But I will and have to be better at what I do, I have no choice.

Anyway, I try to brighten my life as I can. No need to get all downbeat and such. Every now and then I try to have a break, to have some social life, meeting friends, dinner with my girlfriend, forced to go to weddings by my parents, and so on.

Its not that bad. You just have to find a way to make yourself happy. Legally lah. Hehe.

Sunday, February 3, 2013 t'aime..

First trip to Paris with Azzam, Ipan and Anna..

Second trip to Paris with Sharifah, Diana, Ipe and Ajee...

Third trip to Paris with Diana, Ajee and Ipe...

Hmm dunno why I went there so many times...but this song reminds me of Paris.. :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hari ku harus dipenuhi dengan kehadiranmu
Sayangku fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan senyumanmu
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu

Hari ku harus dipenuhi dengan kemanjaanmu
Cintaku fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan suaramu
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa disisiku
Sayangku berikanku hanya satu hanya satu lagu

Bedroom Sanctuary - Lagu

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

..the travellers and the plane tree..

My old phone. She's still good though. I'm a Sony Ericsson fanboy.

Me testing my new camera (sekarang dah rosak) with Azzam in the background. Purposely letak towel Liverpool aku kat tepi dia hahaha

Aww man I miss this. My desk with all my stuffs and shit.

Hairspray, phone, wallet, headphone, etc.

Sad because I dont get to wear winter stuffs anymore :(

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

..the rose and the amaranth..

Tonight I felt like eating something sweet. But I'm lazy to got out so this is what I did. I fried the frozen roti canai, mashed it a little, puts a dash of peanut butter and chocolate on it, plus some ice cream.

Hmm it doesnt really capture the essence.  

In the end I couldnt finish it because it was too sweet.