Thursday, May 17, 2012

..Just a Few Steps More ..

 Yesterday was officially my final day to class for my med school. Well actually I still have to go to some elective lectures and final exams, but basically that's all about it. I was among the last one to go back home, as I opted to take my time trying to answer my exam papers that day. We had exams on Tropical Diseases on the last day, and me and my roomie/classmate Shazli was the two final people left. Took a picture just to commemorate the moment.

 Ugly ass hospital but it was under construction, so its the best I could do (lazy).

Seeing that we had nothing better to do, we decided not to go home just yet, and went to VDNKh. Its basically a huge ass conference cum exhibition place, where they put the best of everything Soviet or some sort, but nowadays they just made in into some huge entertainment place where there's some fun fair or some sorta park, ride bicycles, get crunk, enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the beautiful view (Russians).

Pretty similar to the one in Berlin and Paris.

What can I say, it has been a long journey here in Russia, and I cannot say it hasnt drained me mentally and physically, because it did. I came a long way since I was a thin, scrawny and socially awkward penguin into the dude I am now, and it wasnt just because of me. Along the way, I went through a lot of things, being cheated of, being taken advantage of, moving on, getting into some semi-relationship, breaking it off, getting it on again. I just don't know. We'll see how it will turn out. For now, I'm getting my well deserved rest and have to get ready for the coming exams.

Fuck I'm going to have to work in a couple of months time. Gahhhhh