Friday, March 27, 2009

..the beauty and the beast..

I'm bored. Just some fighting games that I'm looking forward to. Or that I'm already playing. I'm too lazy to comment though. Just enjoy the clips.

1.Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

2.Street Fighter IV

3.Bloody Roar

4.Tekken 6

5.The King of Fighters XII

6.Rival Schools

Sunday, March 22, 2009

..the adventures of alice in wonderland..

Admittedly, I'm a big jdorama freak. Ever since I first watched the very first one, Beautiful Life, starring Takuya Kimura, my all time style idol. Haha. Anyways, I got hooked on jdorama ever since, and the intro song was just way cool. I like how Takuya Kimura acts in this drama, in the first place being a bit blurry, then like a bit snobbish, jual mahal, but in the end he realised that he has a thing for that particular girl in the wheelchair.

This jdorama is one of the highest rated ones of all time, and it was when Takuya Kimura was on his peak of popularity too. Way before the craze for Korean stuffs. The jdorama is called Beautiful Life, ビューティフルライフ , intro song by the band B'z with the song Kon'ya Tsuki no Mieru Oka ni,今夜月の見える丘に . Enjoy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

..the hound of the baskervilles..

This was when there was a fire in our hostel at around 12am or so, so as a precaution we all had to go out. Some experience though. No fatalities by the way. Mmm. This was not long ago. My hair still short.

My sister's room before the renovation. It was a dump. Everything in the room was not right, the window's broken, the wallpapers are filled with cockroaches and we had to refurbish every single damn thing in the room. Queer eye for the straight guy huh.

A lecture that obviously not everyone is paying attention to. This guy is famous for his ability to sleep just about anywhere. Preparing himself for the future on-call duties I guess.

I'm practicing my handshake. With a hand. And I'm using my left hand some more. In this Surgery class, the lecturer would always screw and pandang rendah to us, just because we came from Malaysia. Whats her problem?

A typical moment in the Metro, just after class. Behind, we can see the figure of the being called Yumnesh. The russian words on the door means "Do not lean". But I don't really give a fuck.

I think this was on Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, the embassy's "Nasik Kambing". Heck. I don't know its real name. I just come, eat, have fun, and sometimes feast my eyes for the unexpected. Heh.

More to come. I guess.

..the great expectations..

And so who is Stephanie? Or as the Japanese call her Sutefani, its not really funny, its just hard for them to pronounce or even study the English language. Yes, sometimes it is funny. Lovely people, them Japanese. So according to wiki, she got a Japanese mother and an Armenian-American father, which makes her almost part Russian, and explains her exotic non-japanese looks. So I only just realized about her existance in the Jpop industry when her song was an insert play in the end of some of the Gundam 00 series season 1. Then I thought, wah kinda cool this song. So then I did my research lah.

Stop looking at her bums and just enjoy the video. Happy weekend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

..the adventures of oliver twist..

This song brings a lot of old memories...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

..the steadfast tin soldier..

Whats that? You red scum. You lost 4-1 in your own home. Old Toilet. 70,000 people in the stadium can just kiss Torres' and co flaming red Mersey ass. The game itself in the beginning was quite balanced I could say. Well perhaps its tactical, perhaps its luck, but we were composed and self contained, whereas the Manure players just weren't having their day, and when there's a day that Cristiano Ronaldo got stuck at the wings without his flicks, then surely there's something wrong. Too bad you got the big red Liverpool machine in front of you. I for once am happy to see that in the end people could see that Van der Sar wasn't so great after all. I couldn't honestly say the same about our Pepe Reina but hey at least Reina is a fine penalty stopper.

Honestly I don't care about all them Manure complaints and whinging, its not the end of the world, and yes I know we didn't exactly win the World Cup or anything just yet, but hey, that's football, and bragging rights are the best thing that we will ever have, plus we stuck it up yours in your own fucking house. I can see that its going to be a fine week ahead. Perhaps those Manure fans are going to work or class with a paper bag covering their sorry heads. Rafa, good job. And regardless of that ridiculous goatee and barrel chest, please stay at Anfield. Where are our Arab sugar daddies?

And oh thank you Nemanja Vidic. You're a true hero for our Slavic brothers. And Van der Sar please keep signing those extension contracts for years to come. Rooney? Go find a whore like you always do. And go back to your blue shit of Mersey. Now. Back to our underdog expectations.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

..the snow queen..

After much of the hullabaloo, the RSMU Interbatch Community Games has been canceled. For awhile lah. Some people were itching to test their skills. Some people has no interest at all. Some people who were about to sell food was left frustrated, some rejoice at the thought of getting food at a lower price (like that was going to happen!). Anyways, due to the incognito of the spreading of the Rubella virus in our hostel, the university Rector (some sort of chancellor) has ordered us to cancel the games and stay in our rooms instead. These Russians really are scared if we brought them our tropical diseases hahaha.

But from my findings last night, Rubella wasn't really supposed to be that bad. Just stay in your room for 1 week, with good food, good rest for awhile, not making direct contact with others, and you are good as new the following week. These things rarely gets to guys, its usually a chick's disease, so no need to get gelabah la. If there are guys who somehow got them, it may usually just be your average chicken pox or cacar air or whatever lah. I don't give a rat's ass. I'll be glad to have my normal quiet weekend rest. Sometimes life's good.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

..the frog king..

Just wanna post this one because it amuses me. Hang in there Ken. Click to enlarge. I don't need to tell that.

..the princess and the pea..

I remember when I was growing up in the urban environment of Bandar Baru Bangi, there was plenty much to do as a kid, even though by today's standards, maybe all the thing we've done was probably boring and out dated. Well I tell you snotty kids what, at least we played with mud, sand and dirt (are they all the same thing?)rather than you guys just sitting in your room playing your console games or some Korean online games! Here's those of that I could remember lah.

1. Guli or marbles. Now that I think of it, its just some kinda gamble or judi as you may call it. Because as we play, we're exchanging the marbles that we lost and that we won with the other dudes. Those who have that special and really heavy shooting marbles usually won much and pretty much became the "God of marbles" huuhu. Btw I was kinda ok la main guli nih..Just an average dude hehe. Have to be careful actually to find a really good spot to play, usually on some sandy and tarred road la. Sometimes got tahi kucing haha so gotta be really careful!

2. Actually I was kinda underage I guess but I dont give a damn. Playing arcade games are the best things in the world back then, and its kinda exciting playing in those dark rooms, and the older dudes smoking their joints and stuffs. But I'll be just fine playing alone with King of Fighters, Street Fighter vs SNK, Daytona, Rival School and all those other stuffs. I hate it when I was minding my own business playing some kinda Initial D game on my own that a really cocky Chinese dude challenge me. Come on la aku nak enjoy je kot hhuhu.. He looks really hardcore and yup in the end I had to eat his dust as my car was sliding left and right like I was drunk. But hey that's ok.

3. Practically my first original and I think my only Tamiya is the Dash 4 Cannonball. I was tricked by its cartoon series though haha..Later on I still collected those cool little cars because its so much fun assembling all those little parts and if I lose even one wheel bearing I would go crazy because then it makes the wheels unstable and it goes like shit. A few weeks later I would go all around Bangi and Kajang searching for more of the little cars but not Tamiya branded because they're just damn expensive. I also couldn't afford the accessories, charged batteries and super modified or super fast engines. It was fun though.

4. Well since I was miskin, I could only afford the first generation Digimon device, which was really for me quite cool already. Hey RM20 was pretty much for a school kid those days man. So there I was, being one of those guys in school who has a Digimon. Though I was not stupid enough to bring it to school la. At least my first attempt to raise a Digimon ended with it being Greymon and not just any other Digimon that literally spits shit out of himself. Most of the battles with my the other dudes I won, but then I got out of season with being maybe the only guy with a first generation Digimon. Good times though.

5. Back in the days when there were still a bit of hutan left in Bangi, I used to scourge around and just explore with my little purple LeRun Shimano bike. I dont give a damn about all those sweating, and frankly my parents didn't really care where I went and what I do, so much so that they trust me huh. Btw, it was fun taking my time in the weekends maybe around after Asar, when the sun was not that bright anymore, just to have a stroll by myself. I'm lucky that I've never been hit by anything on my bike in my life. But yes many times aku jatuh basikal la, but all because of myself, who doesn't huh.

6. Football is actually until now one of my most passionate hobbies. At Belgium, we used to play among us kids using empty milk boxes or tin cans so we kinda kick them around hehe. Then when I got back to Malaysia, I was still in love with football. So every petang after my sekolah agama, I didn't really went home first, I straightaway go to the field and play with the guys with my white pants and sekolah agama uniform hehe. My mum used to complain of why I have so many bocor especially on the lutut part of my pants. We all played barefooted and I dont really know how to shoot so I kinda sepak tonjol all the time, which hurt my toe a lot and sometimes I stepped on duri semalu, which makes it worse really. But hey, there's no fun without a challenge right heh.

7. Reading comic books was the "in" thing. I guess. Or am I a nerd? Hmm. Anyway, the very first one that I bought was a Doraemon, which really opened my eyes to Japanese mangas. Then, as the other boys does, I kinda got hooked up with Mutiara Naga, Dragon Ball. Whoever gets the earliest copies can be rightly called the coolest guy in the class. I used to paddle all the way to Pasar Mini Kiat Seong just to check out the latest comic books available. Usually it was on a Friday, just before my Friday prayers at the nearby Ustaz Dato' Harun Din's Surau An-Nur. The surau was small, but it has that certain tranquility about it..I don't know..Anyways, my usual hitherto was to buy my comic books, I used to get hooked on Hong Kong ones, and then I paddled to Surau An-Nur, with the comics in my sekolah agama school bag for that afternoon hehe. Damn I used the bike a lot back then.

8. Anyone who has a PlayStation at home by then was surely being targeted by their fellow dude friends. I used to crash a lot at Zulfahmi's for a game of F1 or some other stupid stuffs. But mostly I went to Johan's and I kinda played all sort of stupid games, wrestling, fighting, racing and some other stuffs. I think at times he got so bored at me for coming all the time haha sorry man really my fault =p I cant really beat the guy at most games because he was like this "Game King" but usually we were on par in fighting games and racing games hehe. I miss those stupid early 90's Formula1 games.

9. Well the next best thing that I've got was only to be, the Micro Genius, a console game with the most ridiculous looks ever and other funny shit. PolyStation, or anything that it can be called. But one thing that I respect and only game that I was satisfied about was the Rockman series, which later evolved into MegamanX and RockmanX. Old school games rocks man. The funny thing is, usually the console games like PolyStation and some shit costs only around RM100 or something, but the cartridges cost a fortune, like RM50 and at times more than it should be. I couldn't be bothered though.

10. Yes I used to play the gasing. Its not really that traditional really. Its not that hard either. I used to play it only by myself however, because I don't want my gasing to be spliced into half by the other dudes.

11. On a windy day, playing paper planes or kapal terbang kertas is the best thing to do. It is satisfying to see your plane flying gracefully by the force of the wind. It helps too that my house has a lot of space, being a corner lot hhuhu.

Friday, March 6, 2009

..the dude named jack and the beanstalk..

This sucks. I've been sick the whole week. Now I'm forcing the microbes out of my body by way of drinking so many fruit juices and water, so perhaps I can literally piss them off from me or just play futsal so I can sweat them out. I just rarely get sick. Well as an adult, you're actually supposed to rarely get sick right? Something about the immune system.

Hmm. Well, thats the thing. I rarely get sick. And when I do, my body makes a great deal of it. Oh come on. Psychologically I think I can handle it. But it sucks when my body doesn't hear to what I say. Perhaps there is a solemn reason. Just like pimples. I dont get them often. But when I do, damn it, its this one big gigantic pimple, popping up just like that. Under the nose. Or near it. You know. Places that embarrass you. Dont make such a big deal of it! Listen to what I say!!! Oh well perhaps I just need some rest from all the commotion and crazy Russian weather.