Thursday, April 18, 2013

..prometheus rising..

Seremban and Bangi is not really that far away. If I drive a moderate 120kmh (which is a bit beyond the limit of 110kmh) I can reach the hospital or back home in a modest 30-35minutes. However, every morning I push my trusty old Corolla to the limit till 140kmh as I needed to arrive there in 20minutes. Its possible. Everyday I have to punch in before 7 am, and punch out at 6 pm. If I work on night shifts (cant call them oncalls for some reason), then I have to punch in by 4 pm and out by 9 am. However, if I my night calls are in the ward, I have to follow the morning rounds and so actually I'll be off at about 9 something. So far the latest was 12 pm, and that was a very tiring day. 

A trip to Melaka isnt complete without trying the asam pedas fish.

Ah Lok cafe, Melaka.

Curious George.

Ready to go to work.

It was fun.

When I got the free time (which is rare), basuh la kereta.

My roomate Shazli, currenty in HKL.

Our bromance gang, Dol, currently in HRPZ2 Kota Bharu.

Weddings I dont really wanna go. But I like the food.

Anyway, I'm currently in my second posting, and I'm still learning the ropes, everything seems so new and different. Deep down I still have an attachment to the Pediatrics Department, after all, it was my first love :p Work is tiring, interesting, and brings a whole new perspective to me. No more staying late at night and waking up when the sun has long been up. I still have so much to learn, the culture and management here is different, and I still need time to adapt. But time isnt something that I have. Before I know it, I'm already 1 month into O&G, and I'm still weak. But I will and have to be better at what I do, I have no choice.

Anyway, I try to brighten my life as I can. No need to get all downbeat and such. Every now and then I try to have a break, to have some social life, meeting friends, dinner with my girlfriend, forced to go to weddings by my parents, and so on.

Its not that bad. You just have to find a way to make yourself happy. Legally lah. Hehe.


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

"forced to go to weddings by my parents" <-- ayat ini tak leh blah.. hahaha.... :P

shogunn_general said...

btol la...suka je jap lagi nak balik klang jap sebab xdapat nk g wedding besok