Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..diary of jane..

My days at Bandar Baru Bangi were spent following my parents' expectations of meeting some people I dont even know, and also my own of meeting people I longed to meet. Like always, my Bangi dudes were always there, noobs as we are, it always seem that the same kind of people would always meet. Hmm. Sounds kinda gay. So I let it be lah.

My Batu Pahat cousin now studies at KLIUC, just a stone's throw away from my house. But it would be a month after my holiday that I finally get to meet him hhaha some cousin. So then I stayed awhile at his house in Batu Pahat coz my Atok (granny) is there too for the time being. The dudes' name is Adnan (a proud Gooner), with only his little bro for company, Zack. And Zack is a Liverpudlian. Hah! Fancy that. Hhaha. So I spent a night at his house, with the good faith of his parents, my uncle and auntie lah.

Went to some fancy restaurant in a hotel, I ordered some real expensive Chicken Chop haha tak malunya aku. Saw some gothic and emo wannabes at the time, some school kids lah. Dah gemuk nak pakai baju ketat2 pulak. Such an eyesore. The day after,we went back to BBB by express bus, namely SE Express. Dunno what SE stands for though. The bus itself wasnt bad, though I did faintly expect it was supposed to be in a better condition lah. Took 3hours to reach Serdang, then my parents fetched us near the highway's R&R. But in the end atleast,Uncle's Nasi Beriani was superb though. As expected, from a true Batu Pahat man. Heh.

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