Friday, December 12, 2008

..jack of all trades..

Hurrah. Today unexpectedly I got my first zachot of the semester (somekinda credit untuk mata pelajaran), which is, for my radiology class. I feel like I'm Dr.House MD, hehe although I don't want his kaki tempang. Just found out that Razi my good evil buddy from SASER had a blog, and the dude is kinda fun too, so I bookmarked his blog hoho. Always acts macho although the fact is, he's as tall as my shoulder, sleeps alot in class (selalu kena marah dengan Ustad Farid), kaki bangku, smart tak bertempat, kuat pau buku komik aku and kuat pegi toilet.

So as I said, I don't have to go to radiology classes anymore,its damn far anyway! So thats 1 down, and lots more subjects to go huhuhu.. I don't think I can finish all the subjects in time for the holidays but I'll try my best nevertheless. Had dinner at Sindbad,ate Shaurma (sejenis kebab) and gladly went home. Then Palong and Wani invited me to go futsal tonight, which I can't, because I got Surgery colloq tomorrow!! WTF!!! I wanna play la!!! Sadly, I declined his invitation politely...huhu

Still hungry though..


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Dulu mmg la aku kaki bangku tp hasil latihan bertubi-tubi...hehehe...jom men futsal...suh Mat JB jadi keeper.

I Am Marat13 said...

gile ko nak suruh sotong jadi keeper huhu