Friday, January 23, 2009

..hello another way..

The Brilliant Green is among my favorite J-pop/J-rock artists, because behind all those sort of heavy guitar riffs and shit, there's a cute voice and the pretty Tomoko Kawase, its vocalist hehe. I first heard their single back in my schooldays when I was watching the Jdorama, "Overtime" starring GTO's Takashi Sorimachi with their single, Sono Speed De, which I don't even understand what the meaning is. Well for me that has always been the case. I could care less about the lyrics. I only care about good music. Since I have been educated playing the piano, (forced by my mum..) there's a few select of genre that really tickles my fancy. And The Brilliant Green just had the be one of it. By the way one of the guitarists kinda looked like my ex-roomate heh.

All their singles are awesome, and the latest, Ash Like Snow was credited as the opening song for the anime Gundam 00, which sounded heavy, but still, the same spirit as the singles before it. Vocalist Tomoko Kawase married its guitarist Shunsaku Okuda and the band kinda had a rest for some 3 or 4 years before if I'm not mistaken.. At that time Tomoko has her own project and went solo with the aliases TommyFebruary or TommyHeavenly with rather different style and genre. The Brilliant Green are often called "Buriguri" by their fans..which sounded to me rather silly.. A distinction of Buriguri among other bands is that they always and always add certain English words in the lyrics..which makes it quite catchy lah..though at times it doesn't really make sense heh.

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