Tuesday, May 5, 2009

..the fish and the ring..

I love my parents. They are honest people, hardworking government servants. My dad works in the health sector, while my mum in the education sector. So in truth, I got the better of both. I must say that, although theres only me and my younger sister, we werent really pampered with. In fact, we never or rarely asked for things that are of no use, perhaps for pleasure, or stuffs just to show off to our friends and peers. I never exactly know why, but we just didnt. I may add that financially its not really a burden. When I say that my parents came from poor families, I can no longer use this particular statement because at times, there are parents who came from poor families, but yet went on to pamper their children with gold and glory. Their excuses would be, " so that my children would never feel my pain and helplessness, so that my offspring would never suffer the same path of my childhood".

This is bullshit.

I would be a parent someday, but no in my mind I wont be pampering them. I wont let them really suffer either. Good parenting sometimes just means, just take care of your children and be there when they wanted you the most. I'm lucky because my mum is a very strong woman, she's sort of a leader. I guess that one went on to pass to my sis. The social awkwardness of my dad went to me. My parents never spanked me, or rotan me, or hit me with a hanger or something. Perhaps it helps because I never was really the dastardly dirt, mud and sand looking kid. Never was in trouble. Always alone in the same click of guys. If I was a parent, I would slap him or her whenever they went into trouble. I know that part of genes wont come from me, it must be from the mother hehe. But really, I think my eerie aura and my not-friendly face would scare them sure enough. Just like my dad I think. He's a cool guy. A man who believes in less words, but more of action.

If I could just be as good as my mum and dad in the future, I would be glad enough.

This was jotted down last week though. Didnt have the time to post it. Happy belated mothers day mum.


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

mothers day is on 10th of May... huhu...

edd faLco said...

yeah dude..the 10th..are you from the future? :P

anyway...just returned from my last final xm ppr today...thot id start writing agn, you just gave me an idea.

I Am Marat13 said...

oh yeke? haha adei