Saturday, June 20, 2009

..the musicians of bremen..

When you come to Russia, even with a sizeable amount of knowledge of the lingua franca, that is, English, dont expect that you can survive here. Without getting cheated by. I have to honestly say, eventhough I've been here for about 4years already, my command of Russian is very poor. I cant make studying here in only English as an excuse, because of course, I have to use Russian anyhow to get my stuffs done, buy groceries, using teksi sapu, fighting with babushkas (nenek tua yang selalu pergi pasar) over who get to get on the bus first, etc etc. I'm truly worried over how the hell I'm going to study next year, with it being all in Russian language. But then again, our seniors has gone through it and went ok, so why should I not? So here's just some basic Russian words that I've used over the years. My grammar is very fucked up, but hey, Russians dont really care about it. Because in the end, we are all "inastranyets" (foreigners).

Hello - ZDRASTvuytye

Yes - DA


Please - paZHALsta

Thank you - spaSIba

Excuse me - izviNIte

What? - SHTO

Good Morning - DObraye Utra

Good Night - spaKOYnay NOchi

Good-bye - da sviDAniya

See you later - paKA

My name is - miNYA zaVUT

How are you? - KAK deLAH

Where is the bathroom? - GDYE tuaLYET


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Ok...memang agak terbelit la lidah aku...tapikan yang aku paling xfaham...apa fungsi ko letak gmbr pompuan-pompuan seksi tue?...kan dah lari fokus aku.Hahaha...

shogunn_general said...

biasala tu. tiap2 summer kat rusia macam ni la.haha

ChiroBie said...

you will get use to the language when you start ur 4th year and by that time you will realize that your "medical russian" is better than "social russian" hehe.

don't worry its easier to study in russian than socializing in russian haha, at least to me yeah. maybe because I nvr socialize outside,BUT you can always start doing it now. Be a ruski party boy LOL =p

shogunn_general said...

haha yeah..but i only got 4 for my russian exams, so i'm not hoping much for next year..=p

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

LOL..gamba hiasan tkble bla