Tuesday, June 30, 2009

..the three bears..

Russians are a funny bunch. Apart from their stereotypical burly present, drunkards at night, military obsessed lot, there are some other things that I rather oddly find about.

1. Smoking. They smoke like there's no tomorrow. I mean, I could understand the adrenaline rush, the tension released when you smoke. But when even nenek tua, women and teenage boys also smoke, then there's definitely something wrong happening. This is one habit of Russians that I could not understand.

2. Drinking. I dont know about wine or vodka, but here, beers are cheap. I think even apple juice cost more than a regular bottle of Baltika, or any other eastern european brands. Imagine 9 or 10 in the morning in the bus, while standing in a crowded place, the odor of alcohol can be felt just behind you, by a drunken dude. Beer is nothing to them. They're like snacks.

3. IKEA. Oh. They just love IKEA. Now I've got to admit, they do sell some rather interesting stuffs, at an affordable price. This one is ok la.

4. Grocery shopping. Here, they shop by the masses. In bulk. They buy everything and I mean everything in one damn shot. Its like preparing your stuffs for winter hibernation every time. No wonder the lines are always long.

5. Mazda. They like the Mazda car. Mazda 3, Mazda 6, you name it. Why ah?

6. Temper. Man, they sure have issues. If you've been in Russia for only, just say 5 minutes, you'd be surprised how quickly they can have their blood pumped. Out of nothing! Maybe its their ego, thinking that they are above the rest.

7. Grannies. Or as they are called here, babushka. Now, this is one of the example of flaring tempers. Sometimes, without warning, you could be somehow yelled at by an angry babushka, babbling about something that has nothing to do you, but still, she would yell at you, then potong your que to get on the bus. Grannies are supposed to be nice to people...

I'm not trying to slate them, but this is just how they are. If what I write here is incorrect, then I would be glad to hear about it. Theres more I wanted to shout out, but maybe later.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

Ko pernah kne tnjuk isyarat lucah dgn makcik-makcik ker?...ish...kalo aku...mmg aku tunjuk konek aku trus...hahaha

edd faLco said...

their proud people..like americans and arabs. we're the humble ones :P

shogunn_general said...

razi:haha nk tunjuk kt makcik2?xmau aku haha

edd:yup..we're typical orientals..*sighs*

ザ-sylver-shooter said...

hahaha..nice share dude