Saturday, October 17, 2009

..the buried moon..

Don't bite me! ^^

Nice drama. Thumbs up!

Its been awhile since I've watched Korean dramas. I tend to stay away from them because they are tedious, the episodes are too long, and the story is too confusing. Usually it tells about forbidden love, past history, evil step mom, taking over the family company dinasty, chronic illness which usually results in death, organ transplants maybe, handsome rich guy, fairly uninterested poor but cute girl who first don't like the rich guy but in the end falls for him, bitchy girl who is usually rich and wants the rich guy but he doesnt really bother, the "oppa" relationship, mom or dad dies, tragic love story. That is Korean drama to me.

I think your mum doesn't like me.. :(

Just now, I managed to spend 2 weeks of my time, finishing the 16 episodes long Korean drama, Cinderella Man. The story about separated male twins from birth, with different upbringings, with a step bro, then fighting for the company and the cute girl. If you have the time, try to watch it. The girl is really cute hehe.

Her name is Yoona. She's from a girl group (GG) which is named SNSD (So Nyeo Shi Dae), in English means, Girls' Generation. Well I know what you guys want to say, they all look the same. Which, I also think that way. Haha. I only noticed her when she became the heroin for this drama. Then I saw her jiggle about in her group. Even for an emotionless guy like me, I'm hopelessly amazed! ^^ Its a boring weekend. Sucks.

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