Sunday, January 10, 2010

..the singing bone..

I'm old! Like, what the heck, 24 years old. 10th January 2010. Didnt do much though. Even played futsal before my birthday, haha...

Surprisingly, someone I didn't expect was the first one to wish me, from Malaysia. Haven't heard from her for awhile, but as it is, I appreciate the effort.

This is her cat..I guess..she's kinda like a cat-lady...

Like I said, I played futsal at the zal with hanhebat and the Gastroboi dudes as usual. I guessed N was pissed that he couldnt play because he had to handle the uni volleyball team's training right beside our court, as he is their captain, heheh. As usual, had real fun playing with the guys, as I cant stop laughing whenever some dude miss kick the ball or just running away from being kick with the ball, its fun. Like always, I give my best whenever I play, be it as an attacker, defender or goalkeeper. I'm not talented, I know that as a fact, its just that, I only give my best, plus I really enjoy it.. =)

I really like playing futsal. No shit.

So anyways, I was damn tired just got back from playing futsal, watching the movie "Year One" when suddenly a bunch of motley crue knocked on my door, singing the birthday song. It was my sister, her ditzy friend Lulu, my good buddy Peter, my classmate Sha, and hanhebat who suddenly cleaned up the room 10minutes before that, as of course, he is my roomate haha..So my sister made icecream chocolate cake, some donuts, and my other classmate Ckin, who couldnt come (sakit perut kot, as the usual) made me brownies. And later my other classmate, Winda came too. Felt really nice. Sorryla my room is so small... =.=

Juno Temple from the movie "Year One"..she is so blonde..

Not forgetting the wishes from my friends in Facebook, I'm so flushed, but I cannot say that I'm blushing with joy, because literally I cant blush, because my face is gelap, hahaha...Anyway, thanks for everything to everyone that I forgot to mention. Hadiah mana? Hehehe...

MTV of the post, Never Let You Go- Third Eye Blind.


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

kena kuar ngan nadia dulu baru leh dpt hadiah.. susah nk bg hadiah tok org yg demand ni.. ke nak angpow je.. mcm lg best je kn.. haha =)

shogunn_general said...

hehe..nanti time cuti kte kua r nnt k

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