Friday, March 26, 2010

..say all I need..

Just a couple of months left before the time comes for exams, hospital practicals and summer holidays. My holidays will be cut short because we are all required to do our practicals in Russian hospitals. Bummer. I dont really have a fuss about it, since I dont do much anyway at home except from meeting friends and idling around.

But really, what do I always do when I go back home ?

The water is crystal clear.. :)

Lucky I didn't get sunburn!

I followed my dad to Kota Kinabalu since he got some kind of conference there. It was nice because I had my good friend Liyana as my tourguide, since she was then studying in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. She even borrowed her friend's Kancil to take me around town. We went to the nearby Pulau Manukan. A good thing too since I was kinda sick the the concrete jungle of KL and Moscow hehe. It was a good place though, and I wouldnt think twice to go there again. What happened to Liyana though? I heard she's now working for Mamee..Maybe I can ask her for snack and goodies later hehe.

Didie does magic tricks! :D

Only my second time in my life ever in Sunway Pyramid heh.

My best attempt at being cute. Failed though.

Didie is my lepak buddy. We dont meet often, dont really chat often either, but somehow its just nice having her around. She always calls me or SMS whenever she's around Bangi, or mostly when she's lost and dont know how to get out of Bangi or Serdang or whereever hehe. Sadly, most of the time I was not available or was away doing some other business huhu..Basically we dont do much, only talking about crap and how she copes with her work, and some stuffs. And now she's going to work for Petronas with the office being in KLCC, awesome!

Here as you can see, I'm the master of the bunnies.

With my dad, planning how to conquer Langkawi.

Quality brotherly-sisterly moment at the Langkawi Airport Terminal.

This is my best shot of being in Langkawi. At one of the highest point of Langkawi, in torrid rain, mind you.

Went to Langkawi with my dad and sister. Think it would be more fun if it wasnt raining all the time, or maybe if we could have a better choice of trying to find edible things to eat. We were staying in a hotel in the middle of a supposedly busy part of Langkawi, yet it was hard trying to find food. It wasnt all that bad though, as I could still spend some time with my family.. :)

Watching Malaysia vs China with my good buddy Pojie!!

Watching Selangor vs Persija Bandung with Pojie and Didie.

The Shah Alam Stadium is just a stone's throw from her house. Who knew! =p

I see we have ourselves a young Selangor fan heh.

Later I'll try to find more of my old pictures alright. Will keep you updated.


Mohd Fakhrurazi Jamaludin said...

kuar dgn awek tak ajak.benci ah!

eh tapi aku lagi benci tgk rambut kau...

tambah benci lagi bila tgk muka comel tak comel pun...

pendek kata,aku rindu...wakakaka...

shogunn_general said...

ah ko minat ke g stadium tgk bola ni? bukan ko kaki bangku ke kehkeh..aku memangla tak nampak cool bila aku berambut pendek biasa la tu..

haha aku comel ke?? thanks dude.. =p tu ah aku pun rindu korg doww budak2 delta...apsal la zack ni dah lama x update blog jepun die tu huhu..