Saturday, May 22, 2010

..miss murder..

Looks kinda feet... :D

Damn it why cant I sleep more than 6 hours straight in a day? Somehow it happens that I woke up because of something. Is it in the genes? Is it because I'm a creep? I'm a weirdo? (haha had a Radiohead moment =p) My body tells me that I need enough rest and sleep for the coming difficulties in student life, which I dont wanna brag about it because every student must have these "end of semester anxiety". Exams, tests, friendship, love life? Haha maybe I can omit the latter, keep things professional for now yeah :D

Yes, such a typical beautiful Saturday in Moscow.

Its a beautiful Saturday, and somehow I'm sitting in front of the laptop with yesterday's orange shirt, wearing shorts, and an empty stomach. Yes. I am that lazy. Sometimes I bath only once a day, cause you know, I'm not really a fan of getting my head wet every so often, I tend to get a headache. Before I knew it, I wasted half a Saturday already, talking crap on my blog, and waiting if my friends had arranged for this weeks' futsal game or not. Whenever I dont play futsal, I would feel down for a week... =(

So what to do for today? Perhaps I should make lunch first. Then bath. Then watch all those daily stuff that I always watch like...

My idol Takuya Kimura in Mr Brain.

A sad story of a genius, j-dorama, Satorare.

Korean drama I'm Sam (I'm a teacher).


Gotta cook dinner early for today, its the UEFA Champions League final tonight, between German champions Bayern Munich and Italian champions Inter Milan. For all of Bayerns attacking force, I think Mourinho's Inter are more ruthless and cold, calm and calculating. So there you go, I'm rooting for Inter. Forza Inter!!

Portuguese conqueror, Jose Felix Mourinho.

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