Friday, October 1, 2010

..losing my electolytes, dehydration..

Just a mundane and normal week for me. Classes and everything. Oh and I was caught using my stove to cook by the Dean. You see, it is now forbidden for us to use our stoves and cook in our room. We now have to utilize the common kitchen, and cook there. Problem is, the kitchen isn't functional yet in my floor, the 6th floor. And I'm so damn lazy to go cook upstairs at the 7th floor common kitchen. Afterward, I had to go and see the Rector, who was so damn scary. So he gave me a warning, blahblahblah, typical stuff that people with authority says. Anyway, all was well, and it was nothing much really.

Yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Richard Riot Jaem had the liberty to visit us in Moscow, and we had dinner with them, along with other 600 or so students, at the Malaysian Embassy. The food was great. But I had stomach ache the next morning. Apparently other people suffered from it too. I hope the VIPs didn't suffer from stomach ache when they are in their planes.

Ps : Why are you always tired and sleepy?

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