Saturday, February 19, 2011

..Tron Legacy..


This beats F1 any other day. And I'm an F1 junkie.

Daft Punk strutting their stuff.

Yes, I want to play with you.

I'm sorry to say, I am actually like all the others, educated by the mainstream media. I do like pop culture, although most of the time people actually assume that I don't give a fuck, just by seeing my face. I like Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, the Matrix, all those stuffs.

And now I'm itching to watch Tron Legacy. Is it the neon lights? The cool soundtrack by Daft Punk? The awesomely hot Olivia Wilde (the one who plays the bisexual #13 in the House series).

Plus, I'm a sucker for Disney movies. Always been. I used to watch Disney movies on cable when we were in Belgium, and like a lot. Watching movies teaches me English somehow. Nobody teaches me English when I was small. It was kinda like informal education. My mother ensured me that I can mengaji Al-Quran, read jawi properly, know how to write jawi, when we were in Belgium. So I went to learn all those with an Indonesia housewife, whose husband was doing a specialist course. I'm really grateful for all the teachings. It was then a pity, that her husband suddenly died of a heart attack, at such a young age (30-ish or something), leaving her behind and her only daughter. Looking back, Belgium was definitely a nicer place than Russia, even if I was living there from 1991 to 1994.

How about a winter trip to the UK and Belgium next time around? :D


нурул надя = nurul nadia said...

tahun depan nk masuk UK kena ade visa plak... huhu.. kena reconsider~~ if not, nk gak ikut g lg skali =P

shogunn_general said...

takpela xde rezeki..kte try gi turkey dgn belgium eh :D