Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..Angry Birds..

You know what, despite this, I've never played this game. Winda told me that in the upcoming UMNO Games, there's an opening for some futsal teams. Seeing that me and Shazli both play, she suggested us to grab the opportunity by the balls. I think without us even admitting it, it would be hard for Shazli to pick players and form a proper team, so, seeing that I am a neutral,with more than adequate connections, I took it upon myself to form a team. The name Angry Birds came up. It was Shazli's idea actually. It sounded funky, so I accepted the awesomeness of the name. The hard part was forming the team.

Hanhebat was unfortunately tied with Saints, but due to some clauses, he severed his ties with Toh and joined us, the motley crew. Next up was K, the lanky player with surprisingly good touches and finishing. Then it was one touch specialists Hadi and Zufar, goalkeeper extraordinaire Dinie and the tough as nails defender, Mok. The team is complete, but we are still contemplating about signing Jebat captain Shafiq. No answer yet from him, but I think we'll have to manage anyhow. Hanhebat is already excited, telling me about tactics and stuffs, good for you bro. Meanwhile, me and Shazli also discussed the varying formation and cheats during class breaks. I really hope this will be a joyous occasion for the dudes, seeing that it will be their final tournament here in Moscow, theoretically.

But hey, lets hope for the best, and support us, Angry Birds! :D

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