Saturday, April 23, 2011

..the first of the Seven Sisters..

I woke up sort of early today. And suddenly I had the urge to go take pictures. I just wanted to take a walk really. So what are these Seven Sisters? They are Stalinist style skyscrapers with almost the same characteristics and specs, commissioned to be build by Joseph Stalin of course, who wanted the West to know that the Soviet Union means business, and have character.

So today I only went to one of it, the main building of the Moscow State University, the most prestigious university of Russia. When my parents came here last summer, me and my sister brought them here as it is one of Moscow's main attraction. I wanted to finish visiting all Seven Sisters today, but then realized that they were too far apart and it was kind of hard to finish them all in a day. It is possible, but today was not the day for me. It was a fun experience though. I walked all the way from behind the Red Square until I actually reached Metro Oktyabrskaya. I never knew it was that near! Anyway, enjoy the pictures taken by my modest little digicam :)

The library of the Moscow State University.

The underpass from the library to the main building of MSU.

The first of the Seven Sisters, the main building of the Moscow State University.

First stop of the day was Metro Universitet.

Exit of the underpass from the library.

The statue of the founder, Lomonosov.

Neo gothic and Stalinist style skyscraper.

Having a bit of a break at Beard Papa, with its awesome creampuffs.

Students roaming the compound.

High end restaurant with unusual exterior.

Low end snack and fast food ;)

A statue and its pet lion.

A couple was having their marriage pictured with what seem like a professional photographer.

Храм Христа Спасителя. Quite a marvelous architectural achievement.

Somehow I like this picture the most amongst others.

Taken from the bridge.

The Red October Chocolate Factory and the controversial and unpopular monument to Peter the Great.

Trying a Venice shot :p

Very nice weather for today.

Funky ass lamp.

What kind of movie is this? Only in Russia.


For those Disney enthusiasts.

From here, I started walking into the unknown, with pleasant surprises :)

Weird building. Of course a picture is a must!

Pancho David Villa.

Actually my main mission was to find a new table lamp, to cool down my laptop.

I like Ashan Gagarin a lot. Its clean, large and there's not too much people.

So I found Viet Cafe! :)

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