Saturday, April 2, 2011

..Playing in Winter..

Its April, and there's still snow. I'm tired of complaining about the weather, so I'll just let it slide. I like to think of it as God's judgement to all those rude and selfish Russians, who treats foreigners very badly.

I had a very bad day yesterday. Granted, it was fun playing with the uni team on a proper football field. I was shortlisted as one of the players, so I went to our first training in the cold. As we reached there, it just happens that it was raining. At first it was moderate, then all hell broke loose. Knowing that I would have no grip whatsoever if I just used my futsal shoes, I went with Dinie to buy new and proper football boots the day before, such was my excitement :D

So I bought these bad boys.

Not really my first choice or my cup of tea, but it was desperate times. Its quite cheap for Puma shoes, as I got a 50% discount. I was quite excited as it has been literally years since I wear proper football boots and play on a football field. The place where we played was very far from our hostel though. It takes about 1 hour by the metro to reach there.

This metro station is named after the Soviet guy who commissioned the killing of Russia's last imperial family.

It was fun playing there, but I personally think that I've let myself down. The boots were great, no doubt, its just that I haven't really settle myself when playing yesterday. I didn't make a single tackle. I managed to assist a goal, planted a header from a corner kick against the bar, but apart from that, I just missed so many balls. Misjudgement of the ball, out of position, although I was only out of position just because I wanted to help the guys, because I think they weren't really penetrative enough. Anyway, seeing other guys in my playing position doing rather well kind of dampens me. Alas, I want to do damn well when the next training comes, and by that time, I want to teach the wingers or attackers a lesson :)

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