Friday, May 6, 2011

..Crime Scene Investigation..

I've read this somewhere, so I'm not taking any credit from this. This year, 2011, there's no spring in Russia. There's winter, then it goes straight to summer. The weather was awesome starting from last week, but it was colder the past few days. My body already reacted to this, by getting sick last week if you guys recall in my last post. Now that I've recovered, I can do tons of stuff more.

This will be a very familiar site. Not complaining though.

So we're having Forensic Medicine for this week. Nope,nothing like CSI, Bones, Gerak Khas or anything, because the procedure and law are all different regarding to each nation. Nevertheless, we witnessed a post mortem procedure right in front of us , and it was intriguing. It helped that our lecturer was strict yet you can sense that he wants to help you get through the class. Plus its not that far away from our hostel, its like only a 30 minute journey by bus and metro, that is if the bus is on time.

Trying to make the education process more fun.

My parents went to Korea for a week, and they're on their way back home now. I only asked my mum to get me a t-shirt, I don't really know what kind of special souvenirs the koreans produce, so a t-shirt would be proper enough.

This is all I know about Korea. Honest! xD

It will be a 3 day weekend for us in Russia only for this week. So, enjoy! :D

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