Saturday, December 24, 2011


Most people think winter is awesome. Most people are not me. The first few days would be awesome. Then it would be downright tiring and annoying. With all these snow getting into your shoes, in your nose, at the back of your neck, you know the drill. Every morning we all have to wait for the bus in front of the hostel in darkness, although its only about 8am. Its not helping when we have to wait for around 15 minutes or so for the bus to come, and then it would be like a tin can of sardines trying to fit into 1 bus. 

You know, I'm not claustrophobic. I just dont like being with too many people in a small place. It gets on my nerves. Plus I sweat a lot when its too cramped, and I hate sweating when I put on my good clothes for class. Lucky for me, I only get stuck once in the hostel lift, which wasnt much of a big deal, since I was stuck for maybe around 10 minutes and I was with 2 other people. Talking about lifts, russian lifts are so goddamn scary. Even my parents came here 2 years ago, they thought the lift went rosak when there was a loud clanking noise,while actually it was just normal stuffs here. And then at the hospitals where we go to class, there's even a lift attendant, who actually lives in the lift? I mean, I can see a table there, a chair, perhaps maybe a water kettle? Most of them working are makcik or nenek and I tell you, they can have the ultimate mood swing ever, more than an average hormone-driven teenage girl who wants to rebel all the time. Everything you do is wrong. 

 lol come here you.

 Which button is which?

 Only 2 floors.

 I used this kinda lift once. It was not a pleasant experience.

 An average day using a lift.

1. Dont talk loudly.
2. What are you speaking? Speak Russki!
3. Dont get in with too many people.
4. Stop laughing so much.
5. Dont you where the stairs is? You pricks are still young. (while our class is actually 7 floors away...)

And what really gets on my nerves is, they are wearing white labcoats. Seriously?

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