Tuesday, January 10, 2012

..January the 10th..

Yesterday was my birthday. So I am now officially 26 years young. Aww. Haha. Age doesn't really mean much, yes? Its much more important for whatever it is that is in your head, and your heart. If you always think positively, and have all that passion for every little thing that you do, then your body will show you for it, and make you look like you haven't really aged. 

Well this is a little video about Maldives, a beautiful and tranquil place. And to be fair to the photographer/cameraman, he also took shots of the Maldives people, and they all look so happy there. Maybe I should one day be going there too. If there's wifi there, then it would be much more awesome too :p


Y u N a K u 3 said...

26= old.
Balik Malaysia suro parent cari calon isteri.
Kawen cpt2 :P

shogunn_general said...

haha i'm not that old. gotta save some money before even thinking of kawin! :D