Tuesday, January 17, 2012

..Trust me, I'm a Doctor!..

As with any other exams, this time I was preoccupied with BBC's Doctor Who series during my spare time. Well, to be fair, a lot of my spare time. And also Modern Family. And also Gundam AGE, Spy Myeong Wol and another girly anime that I won't speak about. Doctor Who tells about a Time Lord, the last of his kind, who has the power to travel in time and space, everywhere and whenever he feels like it. Ain't really fair innit? So what does his spaceship look like? Its called the TARDIS, (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). Its decent.

 Its a UK police box. Its used for emergency calling, back when mobile phones weren't invented yet. Kinda like Cybercop, no?

Meanwhile, this here is Russia's pissing box, the Toi Toi, with the uncomfortably looking wet floor in this picture.

 This is Cybercop. Extra panel.

So what does the Doctor do? He's an alien, he can do whatever he wants, but he always ends up in trouble. Mainly because there are other aliens out there with their own ideas too.

 Gee man, enough already. I cant believe I watch the History Channel back home.

 Matt Smith as the new Doctor and the lovely red head Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, his companion. Or bitchy side kick.

 I gotta say he dresses to much like a hipster for my liking.

 With his Sonic Screwdriver. I think that is what it is called. I'm a relatively new Whovian.

 He's not much of a looker, but he is one interesting and energetic Doctor in this series.

Oh and before I forget, this is the inside of the TARDIS. Its bigger inside than outside. How? Well, aliens.

Anyway, who doesn't like science fiction, time traveling and going out in space, meeting other things?

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