Monday, March 26, 2012

..An Angry Man..

The snow just would not stop coming down. Then again, this is Moscow. After the rewiring of my room a couple of weeks ago, the room seems more spacious, all the junks have been thrown away. We sort of rearranged the furniture a bit, so it became bearable. Frankly, I like it. We still have our personal space though, and now we have a proper pantry thingy space, where we can put out periuk, kuali, belanga and all sorts. So far so good. 

The hostel still sucks though. We paid a fortune, then they make such a fuss about repairing our lifts, pipes and all. They think we live here for free? The stereotype must be true. Russians are lazy. Very lazy. There. I said it. They work from 11 to 5pm. Like what the heck. They take endless breaks in between that. Drinking tea, eating biscuits, smoking and whatnot. And then they act high and mighty as if they are the greatest civilization in the world. Hello. Look at the europeans, the japanese, the germans. I never heard stories of them being rude to people from other countries. Even getting visas to enter Russia is a hassle. You think we really wanna stay here forever. I cant believe I lived here for 7 years.

My awesome jamban.


Y u N a K u 3 said...

11 to 5...6hour a day...
I want!!

shogunn_general said...

whats so fun about that? buat aku depressed je..huhu