Wednesday, September 5, 2012

..Heart Shaped Box..

Why does women want to marry, or push a guy so much to marry her as fast as possible? Here are some of my thoughts :

1. Been in a relationship for too long. Logically, marrying is the finish line.

2. Peer pressure. Seeing friends marrying their sweethearts one by one is heart wrenching.

3. Tired of being in so many failed relationships. Just want to get it done with.

4. The age factor. Family and friends are starting to ask questions.

5. Too tired with the single life, and want to have someone to share their problems with.

6. Afraid that with age, comes multiple complications when trying to conceive children.

7. Doesnt trust the boyfriend can be loyal to her at his workplace.

8. Doesnt trust herself can stay loyal come a better person in her life.

9. Boyfriend with a lackadaisical attitude and just waiting for her to make decisions.

For me marriage is a big thing. And as much as I am just a nobody now, I do sometimes think of marriage. But as a guy, the responsibilities are so big these days. The expectations of in-laws. The worrying that my parents are taking it hard to accept her as a daughter. What am I going to feed her. Am I pious enough to guide her in her life as an imam. Can we make this marriage last and prosper. Will she continue to love me or will I continue to love her.

There is just, so many things.

I just want to work first, and then be more confident in things.

What I can do now, is just to make her happy as she wants, give her everything I got (not money la), and be there when she needs me. She may not be the one for me, as I may not be for her, but for now, we are what we have for each other. It takes time. But now that I'm here, I'm going to do all I can.


edd faLco said...

at least you're doin' it, mate. Good on you.

YuNaKu3 said...

9) Malas belajar. Nak suami tanggung

shogunn_general said...

@edd : well, i'm not pretty sure myself.. :/

@liyana : haha the easy life :D