Friday, August 8, 2008

..pocketful of sunshine..

Its a damn Thursday. And its been days since I arrived here on Monday. Well its kinda cliche but I really missed every single thing of Malaysia right now. You gotta love the freaking fast internet but still you cant replace what you have in Malaysia, food, friends, family, life, everything, and I wont change it for anything else in the world. AJ arrived here a day later than I was, he went with Emirates which was admittedly more expensive than mine,Thai Airways. Anyways, the most important thing is that all is well and safe now in Moscow.

Didnt expect the high rises of taxi fare from the airport, I kinda could have seen it coming since the high rises of petrol, but really, to expect that thing right when I stepped down from a plane, damn. Luckily got some more of my classmates so we shared an MPV for the cost of 3500rubles, which for me was okla that price, it was getting darker outside and I know we all were damn tired.

So for the first day I had the room all for myself haha. Nothing to do la actually coz the internet was still down and I had to go Strela to try connect it back. Luckily my broken and berkarat bahasa Rusia can still be used hahaha. Damn MosLanka wouldnt allow us to pay for our hostel fees first, I had a hunch that they're going to increase the prices. Shit la wei. Everyday I only eat my mum's sambal ikan bilis and sambal ikan bilis+tempe that she cooked for me. Heh. Feels like home.

In a way, I feel kinda relieved to be here, away from Malaysia, seeing that all of my dudes now is working or either still studying, and if I'd been holidaying all the time it wouldnt sound that right now wouldnt it. My life is here. In Moscow. I kinda hate to say it, but its the truth though, the path I've chosen. Haihh..Bosanla..The big Ruff is in my room lepak2 right now..Bilik die xde internet hahaha...

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