Wednesday, September 24, 2008

..ash like snow..

Tired. That really sums up my whole week. Well practically everything, ever since I've started my 3rd year of studying here in Moskva. Lecture every day starts at 8.30 in the morning. Plus its Ramadhan some more. Actually I cant make fasting as an excuse really. I dont really feel hungry, as a matter of fact, I just feel dead tired. Travelling from one place to another, one hospital to another. I kinda feel that I've jeopardised my study a bit, ya la, being so tired after class, cook for buka puasa some more, settling stuffs, I dont really have a proper time to ulangkaji la, fair to say. Heh, but thats what keeps me going. And I think that, had I planned it nicely, I could really have faired nicely. Gotta keep my stamina up I guess.

Liverpool has been on the up lately. But kinda sad la seeing that wise old Sami didnt even get a slot in Liver's Champions League squad. Damn that Michel Platini. Though we do actually have a formidable bunch of hulking centre backs in trusty Carra, Agger and Skrtel. I'm not too worried though about Keano not scoring, as I think that maybe in some way, he will score eventually, and look at Kuyt, he's not scoring much, but he's doing quite ok what. So, heck. Aurelio is getting back to his devastating best, Arbeloa as sturdy as ever, baldy Reina doing his job solidly, Babel coming to his age nicely, Stevie and Torres being almost full to fitness and will be terrorising.

Ate at Papa John's. McDonald's. Sinbad. Subway. Damn I should really curb my spending.

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