Wednesday, October 29, 2008

..i kid you not..

Well, its been ages. Now that i'm preoccupied with my studies, the futsal blogs and all sort of stuffs, it seems that i have no time of my own. This shouldnt be happening. Damn well it shouldnt! Everyday its the same old routine, though i dont show about it, i'm actually pretty damn bored. Waking up early to rush to the morning lecture, then studying a bit just so i can barely pass my controls and colloqs. I feel like an idiot. We are all given 24 hours in a day, so why am i not able to muster of all my work in it?

I always blame myself for everything. I never blame anyone else. If my gf leaves me, i blame myself. Oh dude, that's your fault for not trying enough. If i miss the bus, i blame myself. Dammit, should've wake up earlier and run faster! So you see, that is the way i am. People can have their own perspective, but i think i will be forever like this.

Lately most of my friends have switched to Facebook. I dont know what the big deal is, i just dont care. I only join Friendster or Facebook so that i can see their photos, how they are doing right now, etc etc. You dont need to be so friendly to know more about your friends actually. Raya that day, wasnt really as meaningful as it used to be. Yeah my sis is here, but what about it? I think i lost the spark already. I've grown old i guess. I'm more worried about keeping myself healthy and able to go to class always, as i know that attendances are crucial more than anything. I dont fucking care if i fall sick, i'm pretty damn sure that i will go to class too. Well, thats me.

She's been quiet lately. I understand that she might be busy with her stuffs and projects, her being in the final year. So let her be lah. Though i kinda miss the laughter and stupid jokes of the dudes at home, Syamil, Zahid and Johan. They were really my crazy bunch. Dont wanna sound too gay though!

I've been playing futsal quiet a lot lately. Always training, always improving ourselves. The type of player that i am, i really go for glory, be it even if i am in one of the weakest team in the league. I'm really glad if we could beat the odds, and fucking beat all those other teams! Ya ha ha! There's nothing nicer than able to beat the stuck up kononnya big teams. I think that our Gastroboi team can go far, though we need to be a bit more consistent and more focused on our defense, which is actually really my job really! Hehe. As a defender, i tend to go gung-ho and attack up front at sometimes, which always leaves a hole at the back afterwards hehe.

Shit. Got Ali tomorrow.


edd faLco said...

fcuk facebook dude..evry1 heres converting too. wth la. i hv fs 4 frens, myspc for bands, blog for my head...enuf

syamil n his effin jokes. he's my patient now so i see him weekly. but damn its hard to do my job with him. him n his big pun intndd..hhahaa!

Marat said...

syamil ur patient huh?do u charge him anything?lol

facebook okla,its cool when people tag ur pics heh