Saturday, November 1, 2008

.is this microphone on?.

So yesterday i played futsal again lah. The usual,weekly things. To her annoyance. I had some big aspirations yesterday, intended to score a goal too, since the fact that we always train with the opponents,and maybe i got some inside info,somehow i thought "oh yeah i got a fucking chance to score and celebrate like a madman!". Alas it didnt happen. I still had the bout of nervousness, and that usual butterfly in the stomach thing. Come on lah. There were lots of viewers, plus i'm wearing pink! So in the end, i played like cibai and was substituted for the second half. But hurrah hurrah, the game ended with us, Gastroboi 3-1 Akula. Hepi gile seh! Hehe. If in the end its like this, then i dont mind lah. But the thing is, i'm really frustrated with myself for not playing up to my standards. Shocking really.

Need more sleep. Cheers.

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