Thursday, November 13, 2008

..strawberry on a shortcake..

What the hell la this week. Its like every single day there's like some kinda exam. I'm burned out really,but what to do la,thats what i expect when i first applied to come here and further my education blablabla.. Got a new printer+scanner+copier. Ah. So life would be much easier this time around huh. Hoho. I think i got to get myself ginseng lah. Or maybe some sort of vitamins or whatever. Oh perhaps its because of the weather. Or perhaps because of all of those traveling to classes and hospitals. This printer is quiet cheap lah.

I'm still aiming to save myself 1000rubles a month from my monthly abah allowances. Because as people know, i'm not sponsored by any government bodies or any political parties. So that you know, abah gave me exactly RM1000 a month. So saving 1000rubles a month means saving, erm, RM130 a month. I spent about 10months in Russia, which means if i properly follow this discipline, i would have collected RM1300 by the time i go back home for holiday. Woohoo! Although that doesnt necessarily is the case because at times, i tend to overspent..Sob sob..This kotak biskut of Danish cookies is my faithful tabung. *Wink*

This blog is not exactly open to all people. I did make my blogger profile private,which means people wont really know the title of my blog. Oh unless they've noticed it on my Friendster account huhu. Its because really, i want to express myself fully here,without care for anyone else in the world. So if i rant and rave all i want, i dont want people to menyibuk or tanya all sort of questions. Its just me. Ok? Dont bother. I'll be ok. I just want to write all the crap i want.

Damn totally addicted to the Diary of Jane song.


edd faLco said...

yay for rants n raves!

Marat said...

hahaha like i give a damn!