Friday, November 28, 2008

..third eye blind..

So its a Sabtuday over and over again. Not much can i say. Terbangun lambat la tadi. Kinda skipped my pathan lecture. Hate it when i do that. Its because i'm skema. Huhu. When i have some free time or when i'm bored, i bother myself with playing Football Manager 2008, and nowadays i'm playing the Dutch league, kinda sick of always losing, but hey, i'm always looking on the brighter sight of things. =)

Lately because i got no time of watching any movie or series, i resorted to just watching documentaries and Top Gear instead. Sadly, i'm already out of Top Gear episodes! And all the documentaries are about terrorists, Islamists, people with beard, and frankly i'm sick of it. But lately i've been watching this sort of Malaysian series lah, on NTV7, called Frontpage. Not your conventional Malaysian series i must say. Tony Eusoff looks good speaking English, but Jehan Miskin, well, you are better suited to Malay speaking rich boy material.

Yan the handball captain asked me to join the handball training again tomorrow, which i declined because i'm broke, i dont have the heart to play for the uni again, and i want to reserve whatever energy i have as much as possible. Meaning, i'm playing one sport only. Well, i do like football, and there's a try out i think later this weekend, but i'm not going either. I know my potential. Its painful, but to accept one's weakness, is to me,a great thing also.

And here i am, alone in my room..

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