Sunday, December 28, 2008

..dare you to move..

Yesterday had Nasi Lemak for lunch, well if you can call it lunch la at 4.00pm. Didn't do nothing much for the whole Saturday, but then got futsal that night hohoho.. Shazli-kun asked me to join play for Copa for awhile, so I thought why not la, I'm starved of football!! Haha Didn't really fancy using the taxi because it will cost me and taking walk is not such a bad idea after all. But it is when its -9'C outside! Shit didn't expect that one. Was actually planning of catching the bus but when there's no sign of one I decided to walk lah. Its a good exercise really. The coldness is quite fine, I just couldn't handle when the wind is blowing. That said, I arrived just on time, 8.00pm and straight away got into my futsal gear and play.

There was also Bukit Tinggi and Akula. I played primarily as defender, but then I got bored and decided to run about and help the strikers who couldnt fire the ball into the net! Huhu sakit hati sial =p well at least I scored 2 goals kot and blocked some attempts on the other end. Since Boo the muscular man couldnt come play as keeper, we had to rotate playing as goalie. I didn't quite fancy it to be honest. But then twice I got clean sheet, and nothing went pass me! Haha kelakar gile perhaps it was because of my stripes long sleeves kot, confused the lot a bit, kinda enjoy it in the end, no tension between us all and everyone got a few fair shots at playing, so it was nice lah.

*sigh* Have to prepare for stupid Monday...the holidays couldn't come soon enough.. =)

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