Wednesday, December 31, 2008

..immaculate cruxification..

It is now 2.19am, 1st January, in the Roman year of 2009 and Islamic year of 1430. For me, it is just another day, another which will be filled with lots of unexpected things, some that we loathe, some that we will be pleased at. I dont celebrate it much, not even bothering to have an "azam tahun baru" because I know I will just fucked it up time after time. We've all been through that. I'm not saying one should not have one though. It is indeed your own choice. And I am just stating an opinion. So perhaps for me, its better to have goals that are short and easy, taking things one at a time, so that I can strive to that goal better. Like the saying goes, we can only plan, as it is Allah who will decide. Planning is never too bad,eh? =)

It goes without saying, since the holiday kind of started just now, it seems like I have lots of time in my hands now, not the kind of thing I can afford all these will. Then perhaps I will dedicate some of these time to gather my sleep and eat as much as I can, in the process, becoming a couch potato. I think I will just watch movies, Top Gear and play Football Manager for the time being. Dont really have a plan to travel like others and stuffs, since I'm financially strained, so hibernating in my room doesnt seem a bad idea perhaps.

Was planning to just tapau food from Sinbad for dinner today, but it was closed! Hence the need to cook, so I had Nasi Lemak for dinner. And watched Ghost Town. Not a bad idea after all.

Happy New Year 2009. All the best, and seasons greetings.

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