Sunday, January 18, 2009

..come as you are..

We begin with a Chinese flick,the House of Flying Daggers, featuring canto pop king Andy Lau,Taiwan-Japanese dude Takeshi Kaneshiro and cute little chinese Zhang Zi-Yi. It tells about a group of anti-government rebels calling themselves the House of Flying Daggers,who can throw daggers almost telepathically like a remote controlled helicopter to the enemy. Andy and Takeshi stars as the good guys with Zhang of course the damsel in distress. Or rather this time more appropriately, the distressing damsel. The film is full of twists and turns, befitting an epic movie, but what catches me the most was its rich cinematography and its blend of colors, which was simply majestic. Every fight scene has its own rich vein of colors and the martial art was of course nice lah. There is a bit of porno here and there but nothing too heavy hehe.. A warning for people is that you might get a bit stoned watching this because for me lah, its too long to watch and it doesn't really gets me jumping of my seat, I mean yes its a love story but come on lah, a bit of action doesn't hurt eh. So for short, you guys might get asleep watching it, but its a marvelously crafted piece of work anyway.

Definitely,Maybe is perhaps currently my favorite romance film. It gets a positive response too from film critics and It is about how a single and blue collar dad telling his daughter of his past love life, live after college, the girls who always give him the shit although he has been very nice to them, and the story of knowing which of the girls was actually her biological and real mother. Apparently this little girl didn't know all her life who the mother was. So her dad decides that it was time to tell the whole truth and story to her. Its a sweet and twisted story, which stars Ryan Reynolds of the sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place fame and the very adorable Isla Fisher. Apparently in real life, Isla Fisher is the fiancee of Sascha Baron Cohen, better known as the dude who plays Borat, Ali-G and the crazy king in the movie Madagascar. Damn! Anyway, its a good movie for those who are bored of action flicks, sad dramas or too much cartoon, perhaps indulging in a bit of a probable real life situation would not be too much of a bad idea.

Death Race is a damn good movie. No shit. Its all action,and nothing more. The Transporter dude Jason Statham plays as the hero who has to don a mask and race for his life in order to get out of the prison. He's actually just an honest worker trying to make an honest living when he was framed for killing his wife. So the head warden of the prison, a lady called Hennessy (that's like whiskey) offered him the terms so that he can go back out of jail. So he became the masked racer, Frankenstein. I'm lazy to tell about it all because I'm tired but just go watch it lah. If you're a fan of old Playstation gore games like Twisted Metal, or even Burnout, try this one out. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

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