Friday, January 16, 2009

..sing for absolution..

Yesterday I played futsal when Zupa and the GM dudes invited me to join, and heck, I have no qualm since its been ages since I played I guess. I was itching for some action and so I played for 2 hours at the Sportzal. There were 15 of us so the money paid for the court doesn't seem that much lah. I was actually kinda late because it actually started at 6.00pm, while I was still stuck in the bus at 5.50pm. I hate traffic jams, crammed places and too many people, so I got pissed and went out at the very next bus stop.

Later I found out that there were a collision between 2 cars just not that far from the bus stop that I went out from. What a commotion. In Russia, in order for the insurance company to fully assess the situation and pay you back in some sorts, (I'm not well equipped with the insurance knowledge btw), you must not move the car from its spot and contact the nearest traffic police so they can do a report of the collision. So while it is actually a small problem in Malaysia, its really an object of ridicule for me to watch here in Moscow. But I guess they have their own bloody reason. That is for sure.

I got bored so I watched some Japanese dramas (J-dorama for short) to fill my boredom. Behold, "Code Blue". No, my friends, its not pornography. Rather, its a serialized drama of situations happening in Shoyou University Hospital (SHOHOKU,rather fittingly) in the Emergency Room.Shohoku specializes in fast acquired first aid, medical personnel and medication delivered,as they send in doctors,a flight nurse and take back critically affected patients, yes, by helicopter. This system is called, Dr. Heli. The Japanese has a knack for making the English language a mockery so I'm not going to comment about the cheekily named system.

Each episode present viewers near accurate situations that all medical personnel encounters, and I can also relate to that. And I can also foresee how I will become in the future,and sadly to say, I guess its not too much fun at all.. =( Oh well, I'm just currently on my 8th episode and perhaps I will continue my marathon until the end. Jambu dude Yamashita Tomohisa of the "Nobuta wo Produce" fame leads with his egoistical and cold manners as intern Dr. Kousaku Aizawa. I'm not going to talk about all the other actors because I could care less and I just like watching the damn dorama.

Oh and in particular I like that one playing the flight nurse, Higa Manami. She's a doll, hehe (^.^) She plays an icy and i-could-care-less attitude flight nurse.Just go to daddicts, Google them lah, then you guys can torrent for free. Oh and of course be good and seed la a bit,others also want to watch lah.

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