Wednesday, January 28, 2009 place like home..

Today my blockmate Nabeyl and his friends went off to Spain, for their winter holidays. 2 days before, my other blockmate Shazli-kun went off to Egypt with his friends, also for winter holidays. And me? I'm stuck in my room, because of some circumstances which didn't allow me to go to Europe, or someplace else. But I guess my time will come, and it is just a matter of time indeed. There are places I wanted to go, for obvious reasons, one of it would be Mekah, so I will exclude that from the list below. These are just random, and the numbers bear no significance.

1. Tokyo

Since I'm such a Japanese freak, its only natural that I want to come to Tokyo. Not just anywhere in Japan, but Tokyo. Its metropolitan city, the colors, the bustling people in and out of the commuter trains, plus some cute chicks hehe. I've always been a fan of Jdorama, anime and manga, so I always wonder what it is like to be in the real place of all that. Its a place full of robots, technology, but yet in the midst of it, they still maintain that Eastern culture that we Asians are all proud of, shyness, modesty, and some other stuffs. Please ignore that some of them are perverts though.

2. Bandung

Basically all of the makciks, puans and old women of Malaysia know this place as a shopping haven. And I don't have a clue why is that. Theres a rumor circulating that my great-great ancestor originated from this place, until they migrated (illegal immigrants perhaps? =p ) to the Federation of Malaya, way before the Kamikaze Japanese came. But heck there are no basis to this story, so I rather doubt that. But still, to come to this place sure would bring some happiness, and perhaps I would stumble upon some dude who looks like me, hhaha.

3. Leuven

It is the education city of Belgium, just a small country, sandwiched between the Netherlands and the frog legs-eating France. My family resided here for 4 years when my dad came here to complete his course in Neurosurgery. It brings a lot of memory to me, and I did make some really good friends, regardless of the religion. I spoke some damn good Dutch too. But now I forgot lah. I don't know where they are now, and it would be nice to see them again.

4. Cordoba

Its in sunny Spain, so who can blame me? I always wonder what the heck happened to the relics of the old great Spanish Caliphate, when the Spanish and Portuguese were mostly Muslims, and built a great civilization, education, monuments and sorts. I know that there are places that they have restored, mosques, palaces and the esthetically beautiful garden. Gotta love Spain.

5. New York

The Big Apple as the Americans fondly call her, the business district of the USA by all means, is a must see place. The Statue if Liberty is there, Times Square Garden, the island of Manhattan, and all sorts of places. Many movies has taken place in New York, and that is why I always wanted to experience all of those things myself.

6. Rome

I'm a big fan of the movie Gladiator, so this is only natural. I wanted to visit the great Coliseum, where men fought with beasts, or with themselves, and humanity ( I mean old roman citizens) allowed that to happen, just watching with excitement. Plus I guess there are also other nice places, old relics when the fought with Troy and the Spartans..Well I don't know I'm not that good in history..

7. Liverpool

The city with the river of Mersey, home of the Beatles, Liverpool FC and the blue scum Everton FC, is a medium sized industrial city of England. Its a must see place for me because yes I'm a huge Liverpool fan, and I must see the Anfield Stadium in real, if only for once, so that I can tell the story to my children and grandchildren. You'll never walk alone.

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