Sunday, February 1, 2009

..the emperor's new clothes..

I'm so fucking bored. I am I am I am. Well atleast I got the Skins series to keep me company. I mean, its good that its holiday. But everyone is getting a blast. Why and why am I so fucking bored this time? I guess because there's no dude to chill with. My biological clock is a mess. I sleep non concurrently. Sometimes I think I dont sleep at all. At times I play Football Manager. Then I cook. I eat. But never went out of my room. Most times I just finish of my jdorama series or the British ones, Skins.

As a matter of fact, you guys should watch Skins. It tells about a pack of chicks and dudes, in their form 6, doing anything and everything that you and me, as regular Malaysian dudes, would never think of. Drinking, partying, pills, sex, and such lah. But like the creator said, actually there's nothing really wrong with Brit teens. They're just a confused, hormone-raged, bloody little bunch who dont know how to reason with the world. Hey. Sounds like me! Haha. Its funny on one episode, when they were partying in some shack, some emo dudes just sitting around, discussing how they hate world, (sic) about how all people are just hypocrites, clones of each other, wearing the same types of clothes. Meanwhile from what I see, the emo dudes themselves are clones, all wearing the same black shirts, long bangs of hair in front of their eyes, wearing desert emo scarfs. Heh. Noobs. Btw, the series is damn interesting, and it just shows how fucked up every teen in the world is. Maybe not all lah.

Tony - Like the leader of the bunch. From the outside, he's every parent's dream child. But he's really a party animal who likes to manipulate people.

Effy - Tony's little sister who's like an angel in the morning, turns into a party girl at night. Doesnt speak much. Be glad that she doesnt.

Sid - Self proclaimed loser. Confused at much of the time. Likes Michelle, the girlfriend of Tony. Or maybe Cassie?

Cassie - A girl who lives on pills and diet. Have a non-eating disorder. Angelic appearance. Seems to like Sid. But the dude just dont get the point.

Chris - From the outside he looks like a delinquent, but actually he just needs attention. Makes trouble at most of the time.

Michelle - The beau of the click, girlfriend of Tony, the dreams of others.

Jal - A musician, with a mafia-like father and hip-hop obsesses siblings. She's the only normal one. Barely normal.

Anwar - A Pakistani Muslim. Prays 5 times a day. But he does drugs,booze and sex. Best mates with Maxxie.

Maxxie - A very good looking dude. But he's gay. An excellent dancer.

I think I'll rant about something else later. Ciao.


edd faLco said...

wow..that's some demented shite rite thre. oh n ps naqqb..ur no longer a teen..i don't think its unstable hormones 4 u. ahaha! :P

oh n dude...weren't u the 1 who told me to get some sun? rite bck at ya

I Am Marat13 said...

yeah. i'm a pre-adult. still getting to terms though.

how do heck can u find sunshine in moscow? *sighs*

Intan said...

oooh~ I heard about the skins. can't find the dvds here tho. was gonna dl it til i realized tht streamyx sucks ass. isn't anwar the guy in slumdog millionaire (tho i never watched the movie...)?

I Am Marat13 said...

yeah its the same dude, slumdog millionaire is a cool movie too!

well about skins, you'll never gonna find the dvds in msia, its too wicked, heh.

i did burned 2 series of it though.

trust me, u'll get addicted.