Saturday, February 21, 2009

..the prince and the pauper..

Its going to be a bit of a break. Since this coming Monday is going to be a public holiday in Russia, some kind of remembrance for the soldiers who died fighting the enemies of mother Russia. I should say that the level of patriotism in my Russian colleague is rather high. If I also had that kind of rich history of pain and suffering, I guess I would also have that kind of level of patriotism. Alas, I did not. And here I am, rejoicing in the fact that I can sleep more on this Monday. Haha.

I salute your patriotism. But I hate your old fashion ways and the minority of your bunch that are called skinheads. Its good that Russians are neither Europeans or Asians. Well I can tell you that they are something else. But hey. I like it that you guys always bring out great tennis princesses. Well done. The world needs those.

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