Saturday, February 14, 2009

..the red shoes..

What a fucking week! Literally. I don't want to apologize for swearing here because its my own fucking blog. Ok. Apart from the one Wednesday where class starts at 12pm or something like that, the other ones has been bull crap. Everyday it starts at 8.30am or so and it was like heck, wheres the time to revise or something the night before that? The ones doing this schedule must have been worse than the Grinch. But then again, there's no use arguing to it though, so I'll just let it flow. Or something.

Its a good thing that I have my bread toaster. Bad news is I've run out of bread! Guess I'll just have to resort to eating eggs, chocolate, or whatever that is in the fucking fridge. Think I got some chips too. Ah then there's the nice hot cup of milo, which works nice in a freezing day like this.

Man I never thought Incubus sounded so good! I mean I do like their mainstream gigs such as "Pardon me" and "Drive" but heck all their old school stuffs sounds like the best beat on earth! And Brandon Boyd is only just 32 years old now. I'm now listening more to old stuffs like Staind, Limp Bizkit and all, I don't know why, reminiscing some good old days I guess. The time when I don't have to think about the adult world kind of problems. Where I could just let my raging hormones and teeny bops do the talking. Not much a rebel really was I then. I'd rather just brood there in my room, watching TV, j-doramas, listening to the radio, reading junk comic books, eating chocolates and ice cream and such. So really, I wasn't much of a problem to the society during my teen years. Yes. I've been a good boy.

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