Tuesday, February 10, 2009

..the tortoise and the hare..

Buckle up. Holiday's over and its school again. Last week I went snowboarding with Peter and the taikos. It was the first time for me so okla, I didnt expect much. Most of my friends had already went snowboarding when they were in their 1st year or something here, so I was relatively late la heh.

As I thought that we are going to spend much of the time outdoors, I make sure that I wear as thick as possible, and also my backpack, just to protect my back when I go rolling down the hill heh. The hill was really steep I tell you, and the pros were just sliding down here and there, with also a bunch of skiers.Them snowboarders wore all bright and cheery stuffs, with their pants baggy or something, some say the brightness of their snow coat is so that they can be easily found in case of any avalanche or any other mishap. For Peter, this is his 2nd time snowboarding already, so he could just slide down without any problems. Damn cool. While for me. I just kept falling on my ass and afraid that I would somehow break my neck or something if I fell down. The taikos took time to go down. And I really mean taking time. But I do admit that its damn hard to just stand on the board, let alone controlling it. I almost literally sit while sliding down the hill, I feel like I'm such a noob haha.

Actually we were planning to play for 2 hours, but then we sort of tak tahan already, due to the coldness, the amount of snow that gets into our clothes and for me, the embarrassment of not being able to stand on the board while sliding hehe. But it was okla. What to expect from a first timer. LOL. Anyways, fun's over. Got work to do.

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